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Perception, intuition, and the search
for objective reality in diagnosis.
By Jon Monroe, Director of Research, New Science

extract from STRANGE ATTRACTOR, Volume 1, Number 2

In all the history of western medicine, the ability to accurately diagnose a patient's problem has been at the heart of effective treatment. 2500 years ago in ancient Greece, green bile was a sure sign that the patient had a chill on the stomach, (stomach flu?), and for this condition the physician might prescribe fresh goats milk. (rich in antibodies). This is at least as effective as any treatment western medicine might provide today.

[The Real Story behind the Death of George Washington]

In the 1790's, an aging George Washington felt a bit ill after dinner. He was a little warm and had an upset stomach. (stomach flu?). His personal physician was called in and determined that stagnant blood was the problem and that he should be bled. He let out one pint of blood and gave him four ounces of brandy. The great man's condition deteriorated, and so another half-pint of blood was let out. At this point, President Washington's condition became much worse. He was drifting in and out of a coma. The good doctor called in his most esteemed colleagues for consultation. After a most thorough examination of the patient, they decided to let out yet another whole pint of blood. Despite these heroic attempts to save him, George Washington passed away in the early morning hours.

As can be seen from the examples above, western medicine has not always followed a logical or a scientific course in its long development. What happened between the first example and the latter was what has come to be called the age of reason.

The age of reason lent itself to a renaissance of mathematics and technology. Reason came to be defined as an allegiance to scientific fact. Scientific fact, by definition had to be new. All that was old was suspect. This formula was disastrous for [orthodox] western medicine.

For nearly two hundred years, medical science declined in the west. Age-old effective medicines, common sense, and intuition were thrown out for new medicines and techniques that while academically popular, were of little help to the sick. In the mid to late 1800's technology began to add to the understanding of disease with the development of microscopes and the discovery of disease causing microbes. True to the formula, western medicine formed ranks behind these new scientific facts and marched off to do battle with their new enemy the pathological microbe.

While much progress has been made in the understanding of pathological organisms and the diseases they cause, the ability to diagnose complex problems and comprehend how to treat them has not blossomed in western medicine. Abilities in this arena that were common centuries ago have been lost.

The rapid development of scientific instruments gave rise to the notion that ones eyes were not to be trusted, the mind easily fooled. Only scientific instruments were to be trusted to verify reality. The fact that these instruments could only be extensions of our natural senses did not figure prominently in this thinking.

At the end of the last century, western medicine was working hard to be more effective.

Fueled by the technological renaissance, and the worship of academic science, doctors felt there was too much guessing going on in diagnosis, and they looked to technology to take the guesswork out of medicine.

Enter Dr. Albert Abrams, who in 1918 discovered and began to develop the diagnostic technique known then as The Electronic Reactions of Abrams and now called electronic kinesiology. This new technology could accurately pinpoint diseases, conditions and complications for which there were no objective laboratory tests. At first hailed as the future of modern medicine by the pundits of science, the diagnostic techniques of Abrams soon lost favor with the establishment because it could not be reconciled with the limited scientific (facts) of the day. Heresy could [as in the dark ages] not be tolerated.

In essence the technique was to feel a tactile response on an electrified plate connected to the subject. The reaction would be in response to stimuli supplied by the instrument. In this way, physiological responses to any stimuli can be measured.

The problem with electronic kinesiology then as now is that the practitioner must be taught to perceive the reaction from the patient. This does dishonor to the commandment that all scientific facts be objectively verified outside the realm of purely human perceptions.

This of course begs the question; just what realms are outside those of human perception?

The only answer of coarse is a political one. If what you perceive is supported by the accepted scientific paradigm then it can be objective. If not, it is a subjective artifact of your imagination. A good example of this is to be seen in the 1880's when the first large telescopes were tuned toward Mars. The eminent astronomers of that day saw canals made by "Martians." As this view was supported by the scientific paradigm of the day, their observations were accepted as objective fact. When people on other worlds were dropped from the paradigm, the canals disappeared. One would hope that a technology with the ability to determine critical information about a patient's condition as well as determine the best course of action to take in treatment would be so valuable that the rules of acceptance would make room for it. Alas, this is not the [orthodox] western way.

For fifty years, small numbers of scientists on the fringe held on to the work of Abrams and developed radionic and psychotronic instrumentation. Many paid a high price for their scientific work in the 40s and 50s as the government sought to enforce the official paradigm. Others sought to make electronic kinesiology acceptable to the main stream by disguising it as something that appears more objective. The galvanic skin response technique used by some instrument designers is an example of this. In this technique the subject is electrically connected to the instrument. The operator presses another electrical probe to a selected acupuncture point. The measurement is supposed to be an objective measurement of the difference in electrical conductivity before and after test stimuli from the instrument. In fact, if the electrodes are simply attached to the subject, no information can be derived from the measurement. Only when the operator selectively presses the electrode probe to the point on the body is there a readable response. This is because in doing so the operator can engage their perceptive abilities and make the diagnostic determination. This is a form of electronic kinesiology. Not as accurate as the original Abrams technique, but able to be slipped under the door of western medicine.

It is this scientist's opinion that acceptance of people's perceptual kinesiological abilities is the only way to restore to western medicine those facets of long lost skill and ability. The beneficial spin-offs for the practitioner of these forms of kinesiology are many. I believe that it is high-level pattern recognition in the mind of the operator that gives us this ability. By practicing electronic kinesiology that part of the mind becomes stronger. We begin to see the patterns in many things. This can lead to the ability to hear the truth among lies, see the right path among many and comprehend our individual places in the grand scheme of things. All in all, a technique and technology worth pursuing.

By Jon Monroe

Who are the best healers? What techniques, tools and medicines do they use?

In 1988 I undertook a survey of healers and their techniques and tools so that I could discover which of these to incorporate into a new computer platform I wished to develop. I reasoned that I should be able to quickly determine the most powerful techniques and technologies and incorporate the best aspects of all of them into a new system. What I learned forever changed my concepts of medicine and healing. This was to be the beginning of what we now call the Harmonic Translation System.

In this study, I would encounter true miracle workers. People who's healing abilities far acceded that of their peers. On close examination, I found that this was not because they had knowledge, medicine and technology that there fellows did not. It was that they were somehow being more creative in the practice of their art. This then was the wisdom we sought to incorporate into the design of our new system, as well as the effective techniques and technologies.

In the end, we had a computerized instrument that combined the technologies of sound, light, homeopathy, and vibrational healing. This system emulates the action of the old radionics and psychotronic devices, the Rife generators, as well as produce millions of frequencies of colored light and sound. The key element being the way that electronic kinesiology was used with the on screen graphic interface to promote creativity.

Creativity + Compassion + Skills and Tools = Miracles in Healing

A superior healing instrument never gets in the way of the healing process.

A superior healing instrument is transparent to the creative energy of the healer just as a fine musical instrument is to the muse of the musician.

By Dr. Peter Moscow, President, United States Psychotronics Association

Despite appearances to the contrary, the terms, healer, physician and patient are rarely applied correctly. The normal idea of a healer physician is someone who possesses the ability and knowledge to effect a healing for another. All known societies hold their witchdoctors, shamans and medical priests in high regard. This respect is only fully justified when we understand the true role of a healer, especially in a rapidly proliferating, high technology world economy. The alternative to an adequate philosophy of medicine and healing will be a worldview that confuses medical practice with a very sophisticated bio-technological health model that is remarkably similar to the maintenance procedures and systems concepts utilized by NASA in the space shuttle program!

Healing techniques, although an integral part of all curative processes must never be identified with the essence of healing. Thus, the use of, for example, herbs and acupuncture to treat arthritis is on a par with the allopathic approach, which uses anti-inflammatory drugs and joint replacement therapy (when vital). One can make a very strong case for the superiority of the oriental techniques over the western methods in many, but not in all, instances. However, the argument is related to wholes versus parts and systems functions, etc., and is the fitting fulcrum for a debate about the merits of the Holistic approach to treatment rather than a clarification of what constitutes a cure. Precisely because both systems work (and many others, too) and sometimes strongly oppose one another, etc., one can infer that neither one contains an adequate philosophy that can fully explain the true nature of healing and thus the role of the healer.

To gain insight into healing one must begin with the idea of individuality, both as causative of dysfunction and also as containing the capacity for cure. This idea requires that an individual self be onto-logically prior to its manifestations in any dimension one cares to imagine. In this way of thinking, the mind/body duality is the expression of the self and not a framework of limitations controlled by so-called 'evolution'. Given this point then 'individuals' must also be at least one of the prime causes of what we believe happens in human evolutionary process. A further corollary is that the concept of choice' must operate at the level of the individual rather than in an empirically observable fashion. Therefore, freedom of will is a critical feature of both disease and its cure.

Human individualism seeks experience in terms of novelty and value fulfillment as one method of growth - esoteric and esoteric sciences all seem to affirm this idea. Thus health and wellness cannot be the only way in which the mental/physical system can manifest if the ideas of 'choice', 'variety' and 'learning' are to have any profound metaphysical value.

When people choose to be sick, the causes are hidden within their own individualities. Secondary causes are definitely perceivable in medical, social, ecological and psychological ways, etc. These latter, however, to a large extent represent the workings of individual purposes and intentions. Only when the primary causes have been removed, will illness disappear. If a person has not elected that change or transformation then it is unwise to try to effect a real healing because that person has not traveled far enough at an inner level to have resolved the crisis or learning experience which the self needed to know. On this basis it is possible to see the true function of the healer/physician.

The healer is always a servant (not a slave) of the master physician who resides within every individual. The servant's help is always the result of an invocation by the distressed part of the self that has, to a large extent, lost its connectedness with its deeper aspects. Very often, deeply ingrained beliefs are the reason for the split in awareness between the inner and outer layers of consciousness. The healer's job is to aid the patient/physician to form a bridge between the soul and the mind/body so that a true restoration of all layers of the self can take place. The servant must always try to be in rapport or resonance with the patient / physician so as to accurately perceive the patient/ physician's deviation from his or her own blueprint of health. In this way the healer/servant becomes, for a short time, almost one with the patient/physician. Under these conditions enormous amounts of energy can be exchanged between the individuals. However, it must be restated that the purpose of the dysfunction will usually not be thwarted so, in many instances, healing is only partial and sometimes very minimal. From the healer/servant standpoint it should be stressed that there are times when healing should be withdrawn, no matter how hard that may seem at the time. Usually those instances are rare in everyday practice but they do exist.

Traditionally, physicians have been admonished to 'heal thyself.' Without that policy, society is always in danger of licensing highly qualified technicians whose skills exclude the ability to enter with compassion and love into a true healing ritual. This situation is currently very evident in psychiatry. An undue proportion of these doctors suffer from severe depression and suicidal tendencies. Their training often prevents them from taking the servant/healer role, which is a necessary ingredient for complete cure of both parties given that the healer/servant temporarily takes on a projected aspect of the patient/ physician's dysfunction. Their spiritual nature impels them to participate deeply in the journey into which the patient is leading them. Sometimes the conflict that results is too difficult to resolve in conventional terms.

The ancient spiritual tradition of 'service' certainly requires that everyone needs to examine carefully the roles we play and the titles we use when talking about healing. It is the viewpoint of this writer that true service and healing involves the privilege of temporarily entering into the personal realities of his or her clients to a level where, on a rare occasion, it is possible to experience the mystery of individuality in its creative domain.

Copyright: Peter Moscow 1988

Dr. Moscow is hard to impress when it comes to high technology in the healing process. He has used the Harmonic Translation System in his practice in Louisville Kentucky for over four years.


 Much of our time here at New Science has of late been going into the development of our expanded database.

The new database will contain many hundreds of new medicinal items for the H T electronic pharmacy. Hundreds of new treatment fractals. New anatomical charts for animals. New diagnostic programs, new treatment sound files, and many new precomposed, ready to run treatments. Although most of this new material will be made available on line, it will all be included on the new install CD.

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