Cancer, Health and Diamagnetism

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Oxygen deficiency lends to the development of cancer cells and its effects can be eliminated by supplying purified oxygen.

    There is a vast difference whether this oxygen is freely inhaled (as air) or forced into the lungs (as pure oxygen).  Due to the vacuum in the chest we as humans are forced to inhale, but, for example, a child given too much chemically pure oxygen from a cylinder may have blindness as a result, while an adult develops almost fatal pneumonia.  It is generally known that even ordinary atmospheric oxygen produces blood decomposition when it is introduced by a hypodermic needle into the veins; once in the blood it becomes aggressive, binds the blood albumin which has an opposite charge and has been weakened by disease, changing the metabolism in such a manner that instead of life-giving forces, atomic destructive energies are set into motion.  These destructive energies which have predominantly an expanding and explosive effect attack the structure of the cells, drastically extend their nuclei, and finally rupture them.

    When an organism that has been attacked by cancer is supplied with diamagnetically charged, high grade water containing up to 90% energized hydro-carbons (and correspondingly less used up oxygen) the negatively charged diamagnetic reduction elements bind and emulsify the excess oxygen and inactivate it by cooling it.  As a result the fever recedes and the Vital Force is restored;  it concentrates in new cells, forcing them to proliferate steadily and arrest the development of the adjoining cancerous cells-which destroys them.

    Cancer, which is the result of stagnant tissue, can be cured by diamagnetic, negatively charged, high-grade water.  The production of such water would have benefited millions of people, but opposition supported by the medical authorities prevented the construction of water purification plants.  Moreover, the first models of the equipment were destroyed during the war (W.W.II), so it has become possible to start collecting necessary data on the production of diamagnetic power by means of mechanical devices only recently.  All such work had been stopped by the war and the ten years of Austria's military occupation.

     Today we know at least that we are dealing with basic processes employed by Nature herself; that catalysts play in them an important role and only those substances and materials can be used which are diamagnetic carriers.

    Contrary to the concepts which hitherto have been considered in physics as valid, magnetism is not a quiescent field of force, but energy in flux.  This was demonstrated long ago by the Viennese Scientist, Felix Ehrenhaft:  Ions can have a magnetic as well as an electric charge.  The whole earth is permeated by spiraling centripetal magnetic currents.  Spiral motions is especially typical of magnetism and constitutes the very basis of planetary motion and all movement in the universe.

Breath and Diamagnetism

    Respiration binds elements belonging to the atmosphere with those belonging to the geosphere.  In other worlds, it blends and emulsifies substances which have been purified by the diffusion apparatus (filter) with substances which have been filtered through the hermetically sealed blood and lymph systems.  The emulsified product of this reductive blending process is represented in the crust of the earth by its physical primogeniture (tellurian waters), while in such higher life forms as plants and animals by sap or blood.  Since neither blood nor sap can circulate without diamagnetism, and since there can be no diamagnetism without the spiral motion, it is obvious why blood and sap do not move in a circle, but in cycloidal curves, coiling against the diffuse, excess elements and combining them intimately in the presence of suitable catalysts (catalysts which Goethe used to call "connecting energy fields").

     We are dealing in this case with extremely subtle rays which are released and activated when differently charged, precious metals, in infinitely fine dispersion are undergoing concentration due to the centripetal movement of the blood or sap and-which in turn-bring together oxygen and the excess products of digestion which have reached the blood, or sap, stream through the intestinal filter.

    This is possible only when the median structures enclosing bipolarity charged sediments, which are waiting for a natural triggering factor, are set in radio axial motion and begin to unfold producing a diamagnetic vacuum.  This diamagnetic vacuum is an atomic suction force which absorbs and draws in the oxygen from the ambient air.  Oxygen, on the other hand, has to pass through certain filters:  the skin, the rind, or the bark-to absorb only the finest elements.  Were it not so, the concentric pressure of the air would force in less valuable elements as well.

     Diamagnetic respiration is the opposite of atmospheric pressure, inasmuch as it draws in only excess diffuse oxygen.  This diamagnetic force is also behind the power of levitation which maintains the earth in a state of labile equilibrium and forces it to revolve around its own axis (called the magnetic axis).  This diamagnetic force which acts axially in all directions allows the earth to levitate spontaneously.

The Future of Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

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