Power Lines and Cancer Risk

   by Adelle Vancil Tilton: For years there has been a controversy brewing about whether living near high voltage power lines poses a health risk. Most authorities say it does not, but a new study from Great Britain offers the possibility that there may be more of a risk than previously thought.

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    Noted epidemiologist, Sir Richard Doll, chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board's (NRPB) Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (Agnir) says that more research is needed but there is evidence that the leukemia rates for children living near power lines appears to be higher than it is for those who do not live in these areas.

    The report indicates that ions which react with oxygen and nitrogen in the air may allow pollutants to enter human cells more easily, and these ions are present around certain common types of power lines in Great Britain. Sir Richard is noted to be the researcher who found the link between smoking and lung cancer during the 1960's and is one of the most respected authorities in his field. In his opinion the risk is slight, but still significant enough that researchers can not ignore it.

    Earlier research at Bristol University found similar risks, and a university source stated in a 1999 report that, "The study has serious implications for the electricity industry, which could face huge compensation claims and pressure to move its pylons." The current findings seem to be supportive of this same conclusion, and could have a major impact financially on the electrical power industry in Great Britain.

     There are studies dating back over 20 years that substantiate the conclusions of the current report, however in most cases they indicate such slight risk that they have been ignored by the courts and power companies when individuals file damage claims. Originally these reports indicated that living near electromagnetic fields (EMF's) generated by high voltage lines was the culprit, but now the findings are more specific and link the risk instead to the previously mentioned ions.

    For those of us living near or especially "under" these lines, the concern is great, regardless of the degree of risk. Individuals in this situation, at the bare minimum, should find out the facts and make an assessment of their situation. Only by knowing the facts can reasonable decisions be made. {There are indications that anamolous phenomena can take place at or near high power junctions and coils; it is more likely that the power companies will keep cancerous effects following electrical anamolies under wraps for fear of public reprisal - even more so than the Catholic Church trying to protect its pedophile priests - because the electric companies have far more to lose. Please see the "Hutchison Effect" as the discovery of high power electro-magnetic anamolies that the electric industry is trying to cover up as an indicator of a health hazard. The CEO's at PG&E, ConEd, and G.E. would more likely have us believe in ghosts.}

Released 6 March 2001
The flurry of UK media interest in powerline hazards results from a continued gradual erosion of the NRPB position that there is still no conclusive evidence of increased risk for those living near high voltage lines. Over the last decade their view (represented by Sir Richard Doll) has moved from suggesting that there may be some sense in further research (1992) to recognising the urgent need for a large research program. Given that RAPID program in the US found not a great deal, one has to ask what is going on here: the two recent major epi studies (US and Sweden) suggested an elevated risk above 400 nanotesla. Few residents would experience this, but under or near lines the field strength could be sixfold higher. And the new Shutz study from Germany found a threefold elevation of leukemia from night time exposures above 200 nanoTesla.

    Anyway, the real cover up is that it is the electric component not the magnetic which causes the damage, and Henshaw's hypothesis also invokes the electric rather than the magnetic field. (see his site and evaluation of powerline risks at https://www.electric-fields.bris.ac.uk). The power utilities have known this for several decades and have skillfully avoided funding research into that component by equipping would-be epi researchers with EMDEX instruments which do not measure the electric field. If media sleuths wish to test this assertion they should ask Sir Richard why the electric field data he collected so reluctantly during the UKCCCR study has still not been published a year and a half after its analysis. The NRPB have analysed this data, and found a devastatingly strong dose-response relationship with childhood leukemia, just as we did in 1996, when we reported it in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention.

    For those of us living near or especially "under" these lines, the concern is great, regardless of the degree of risk. Individuals in this situation, at the bare minimum, should find out the facts and make an assessment of their situation. Only by knowing the facts can reasonable decisions be made.


Live and extremely dangerous

A study last week linked power lines to leukemia. Physicist Denis Henshaw says they also cause skin cancer, lung cancer, depression and 60 suicides a year. {Interview by Anjana Ahuja}

Knowing what he knows, Denis Henshaw says he would never live in a house near overhead power lines. A physics professor at Bristol University, he has been studying the health effects of power lines since 1994.

Last week, one of the issues he has championed for years - the link between childhood leukemia and power lines - finally came out into the open. The National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) concluded that exposure to magnetic fields may double the chances of a child developing the disease.

While welcoming the report, Henshaw says that the focus on childhood leukemia, which is extremely rare, is a smokescreen that has served to conceal the real perils of power lines.

He estimates that power lines notch up the following grim tally each year: eight cases of childhood leukemia, 14 cases of skin cancer, up to 400 cases of lung cancer, several thousand cases of illnesses associated with air pollution (such as respiratory disease, allergies and aggravated asthma), 9,000 cases of depression and 60 suicides.

The vast majority of these cases, he says, are caused by electrical effects, not by the magnetic fields that were under investigation by the NRPB. "These are figures comparable to the number killed on roads," says Henshaw, 54, whose smart appearance makes him look more like a company executive than a heretical professor. "But road deaths are spread throughout the country, while only one in 50 of the population lives under power lines. So the rate of casualty here is 50 times greater than the risks of being on the road."

He wants to see planning laws frozen so that no more homes are built near power lines, and new cables are strung up as far as practicable from populated areas or, where possible, buried.

He argues that although there may be no absolute causal proof yet, the correlation's are so strong and the biological mechanisms so plausible that there should be a program of "prudent avoidance". He says: "To say we need another ten years of research means we will go precisely down the BSE route."

The Department of Health is listening - its officials have met him and seen his experiments - but his views have largely been ignored or rubbished. The electricity industry has accused him of scaremongering. He is not bothered: "People who accuse you of scaremongering are those who don't want the truth to come out. The utility companies can never admit in public that there is an effect, because that would be admitting liability."

But he is bothered by the personal abuse sometimes leveled at him. It is easy to compare him to Richard Lacey, the scientist who foresaw that BSE could infect human beings, and to Sir Richard Doll, who first posited the link between smoking and lung cancer, which was decried for decades by tobacco companies. "It's exactly the same problem," he agrees.

"He (Doll) was described as a young upstart and suffered other terms of abuse not terribly different from those used against us. The industry has written stinking letters about me, but thankfully the university has stood by me. I have been libeled on a number of occasions. We have had to remind people that we will take action against them."

The NRPB has offended him three times; on each occasion he has received an apology. He will not be pressed on the precise nature of the abuse, but says that the NRPB once claimed that his assessments of risk were coloured by the need to win research funds. He adds, somewhat indignantly, that his funds from the Medical Research Council and the Department of Health have been won through the normal process of academic assessment. The Foundation for Children with Leukemia has also supported his work.

Ironically, the latest NRPB report suggests that Henshaw's work is worth further investigation. Yet the organisation has never consulted him personally on power lines and health, which he finds "extraordinary"." Dr Michael Clark, from the NRPB, says: "Professor Henshaw is a perfectly reputable scientist who has an interesting and plausible hypothesis. But it is a long way from that to a demonstrable health effect."

The dominant effect of the magnetic field, Henshaw says, is in influencing mood. His survey of existing data leads him to the figure of 60 suicides a year, as well as thousands of cases of depression. "There have been papers on this for 20 years," he says. "What strikes me is that they all show positive correlation's and are not conflicting in any way. This is considered biologically plausible - one mechanism is that magnetic fields disrupt the production of melatonin in the body, which regulates mood. Another is that magnetic fields induce electrical currents in the brain, which create an electrical imbalance.

"Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland at night. Populations living near these things are obviously sleeping near them, and they show striking effects. Utility company workers show lower effects but they are exposed during the daytime, so that's what you would expect."

He rejects the popular claim that people who live near power lines are depressed for other reasons, perhaps because they simply don't like living near them, or because they tend to belong to lower income groups.

But Henshaw and his colleague, Dr Peter Fews, say that the gravest physical health problems stem from the electrical fields bathing power lines. In 1996 they reported that cables from domestic appliances, such as hairdryers, acted like magnets for radioactive substances. These substances were formed by the natural decay of radon in the atmosphere into so-called radioactive "daughters". The implication was that radioactive products were attracted to oscillating electrical fields. "Nobody seemed to spot the importance of that," says Henshaw.

"The importance is that these substances, which are known carcinogens, can land on you. When you stand under a power line, the electrical field distorts around you because you are a conductor. These pollutants are oscillating back and forth around you at 50Hz and they can land on you. Applying the NRPB's own risk factors, you can predict an increase in skin cancer."

He found that if a person spent 10 per cent of his time close to power lines, he would be subjected to up to twice the acceptable level of radioactivity, even in windy and wet weather. "Critics said that people don't spend 10 per cent of their time near power lines, but my argument is that if they live there, they're entitled to," says Henshaw.

However, radon daughters pale into insignificance next to another set of villains named by Henshaw - corona ions. High-voltage power lines produce a strong electrical field on the line itself. This field is big enough to ionise the air around it - in other words, to strip electrons from atoms.

The effect is like nudging a line of dominoes: the ionisation of one atom triggers the ionisation of another, leading to a chain reaction. The result is a line of charged, highly reactive particles streaming away from the power cable. Henshaw has measured the streams as far away as several kilometers from the line.

These charged particles, or corona ions, act as magnets for air pollutants, including carcinogens such as aromatic hydrocarbons from car exhausts. The electric charge gives the pollutant, when inhaled, a greater ability to stick to the lung - so rather than being exhaled, pollutants become lodged. "New York scientists have found that if there is a charge, pollutants of this size are two or three times more likely to be deposited in the lungs," he says. "In the confined space of the lungs and airways, this charge makes a big difference.

"The upshot is that you are retaining air pollutants, some of which are known to be linked to lung cancer, in your lungs. You can then do a rigorous assessment for lung cancer, which I put at between 250 and 400 cases a year. There is actually a paper - not mine - that shows a doubling of lung cancer under power lines, but it hasn't been talked about."

When the other effects of air pollutants, such as allergies and respiratory disease, are factored in, Henshaw estimates that corona ions probably damage a few thousand people every year. He also points out that corona ions have been known about since the Fifties, and have been studied extensively by the industry.

His final analysis is simply this: there is a vast body of evidence to indicate an association between power lines and ill-health. It includes cancers and non-cancers, affects both adults and children, and the risk of ill-health is high enough to justify immediate action. This does not mean that people living near power lines should panic - the risk of death on the roads does not panic car-owners into selling their vehicles. Likewise, even if several thousand people are at risk from power lines, the probability of an individual falling ill is small.

However, given the response to BSE and the rail tragedies, the refusal to acknowledge that there is a problem or to act on these statistics confounds Henshaw. "I am struck by what society accepts," he says. "The Paddington rail crash killed 31 and triggered a ©1 billion commitment to advanced train protection. Governments have to respond to risk assessment, not hide behind wanting strict causal proof. Risk assessment grounded the whole Concorde fleet. I'm saying that this is comparable.

"A hundred years from now, we will look back at pylons as relics of the mid-20th century. It probably won't happen in five or ten years, but eventually a new generation will come along, change things, and wonder why we did nothing."

Released 1 August 1999

The UK Sunday Times slags off the NRPB and the WHO research programme

A hard-hitting 5-page piece by Bob Girling in the Sunday Times Supplement today took the lid off the NRPB, WHO, and the UK establishment, largely accusing it of covering up the bio-effects of weak EM fields and radiation, and of wrongly discrediting any independent scientists who warned of EMF hazards to health. Photocopies available from this office for those who missed it! Doubtless the article will be read with interest by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Science and Technology, presently investigating the quality of information received by Government about cellphone masts. Girling's investigative journalism (e.g. his recent article on the cod fishing crisis) deserves an award. https://www.cogreslab.co.uk/pressrel.htm

Released 6 July 1999

The LIBURDY Scandal: the chips are down on the Electric field cover-up.

One of bioelectromagnetics' most respected scientists, Dr Robert Liburdy, of the Lawrence Berkeley laboratory, UCLA, has been nobbled by the US establishment for publishing a paper showing the importance of the ELF electric field. He was accused of falsifying data, when the only crime was to present it graphically in a more understandable style, as any good scientist would for journal readers.

Power Lines, Wiring Pose Health Risks

SACRAMENTO, California, July 16, 2001 (ENS) - Added risk of miscarriage, childhood leukemia, brain cancer and greater incidence of suicide are some of the health risks associated with exposure to electric and magnetic fields such as those that radiate from power lines, according to a California health department review.

Released Friday under pressure from a California First Amendment Coalition lawsuit, two reports summarize and analyze a decade of research done at a cost to ratepayers of more than $7 million.

Two reports by researchers from the California Department of Health Services say human population studies suggest there might be a problem from electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) from power lines, wiring in buildings, certain jobs, and appliances.

On behalf of the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC), three scientists who work for the California Department of Health Services were asked to review the existing scientific literature about possible health problems from these sources. The PUC request for review did not include radio frequency EMFs from cell phones and radio towers.

Three assigned scientists, a physician/epidemiologist, a geneticist/epidemiologist, and a physicist with training in epidemiology assessed the literature with the assistance of 10 other DHS scientists. It is "more than 50 percent possible" the scientists reported, that EMFs at home or at work could cause a "very small increased lifetime risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease."

"It is more than 50 percent possible that EMFs at home or at work could cause a five to 10 percent added risk of miscarriage."

"It is 10-50 percent possible that residential or occupational EMFs could be responsible for a small increased lifetime risk of male breast cancer, childhood brain cancer, suicide, Alzheimer's disease, or sudden cardiac death," the scientists wrote.

All of the three reviewers give a degree of confidence of at least 10 to 50 percent possible that residential or occupational EMFs could be responsible for a small 15 increased lifetime risk of adult leukemia or female breast cancer, and one gave a degree of confidence that was higher.

The reviewers compared the size of possible risks from EMFs to the size of possible risks from chemical and physical agents now being regulated.

Miscarriages occur in about 10 to 15 percent of pregnancies in any case, the reviewers point out. "The theoretical added risk for an EMF exposed pregnant woman may be an additional five to 10 percent according to these two studies. If true, this would clearly be of concern to individuals and regulators."

But the type of EMF exposures implicated by these two new epidemiological studies "short, very high exposures probably come from being within a few inches of appliances and indoor wiring, and only rarely from power lines,"

"It may not be possible to avoid all such exposures in modern life," they say.

The reports are now available on the California Department of Health Services website at: https://www.dhs.ca.gov.


IARC Finds ELF EMFs Are Possible Human Carcinogens

An expert panel assembled by the International Agency for Research on Cancer -the leading authority on what may cause cancer- has unanimously concluded that power-frequency magnetic fields are "possible human carcinogens."

Microwave News features extensive coverage of the decision. We've talked with many of those who were in Lyon, France, as members of the IARC working group or as observers. https://www.microwavenews.com

Powerlines and Health

Briefing for the Rt. Hon. William Hague MP, 30th June 2000

by Professor Denis L Henshaw, University of Bristol

Background: Over the past 20 years there has been considerable research into the health effects of exposure to power frequency electromagnetic fields. One clear pattern has emerged and this is the statistical association between living near high voltage powerlines and increased incidence of childhood leukemia.

Last year the report by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of the USA came to the conclusion that "Electromagnetic fields cannot be regarded as entirely safe."

This statement was largely based on a continuing association of high voltage powerlines with childhood cancer, especially in the rather compelling studies carried out in Scandinavia. Power frequency electromagnetic fields actually comprise separate electric and magnetic fields. The latter have been well researched and are probably not related to cancer.

This has led a number of Power Companies to equate magnetic fields with electromagnetic fields and claim the absence of adverse health effects. In fact, we know very little about the electric field effects which, uniquely, powerlines have in very great abundance.

Corona Ions from Powerlines: At Bristol University we are carrying out research into powerline health effects supported by the Medical Research Council, The Department of Health and the Foundation for Children with Leukemia. We have found that the electric field associated with high voltage powerlines interacts with air pollution in ways which increase human exposure to that pollution.

In particular, high voltage powerlines ionise the air resulting in the emission into the atmosphere of so-called corona ions. These ions attach themselves to pollutant particles in the air (such as vehicle exhausts and crop sprays) so that when these particles are inhaled they have a greater probability of being absorbed by the body by electric (static) charge effects.

Surprisingly high levels of corona ions, sufficient to be of concern to increased exposure to air pollution have been found to be carried by the wind several hundred meters from powerlines.

Implications: The potential health effects of these new observations have not been investigated in any previous studies. In particular, there has been no systematic study of illnesses, including cancer, in people living near high voltage powerlines in the UK. However, the health effects of air pollution, especially the ubiquitous motor vehicle exhaust pollution, are well documented.

Therefore, increased exposure to such pollution implies an increased risk of illness. In the absence of epidemiological data the discipline of risk analysis could be employed to estimate the increased risk of living near high voltage powerlines as a result of their electric field interaction with air pollution.

Meanwhile, the various reports of excess cancer cases in people living near high voltage powerlines, in Yorkshire, Cornwall and Abergavenny are of concern. Given that we have a demonstrable mechanism of increased exposure to pollution near powerlines these reports clearly warrant urgent investigation.

Suggested Action: Our studies are ongoing. In the near future we propose to set up a number of fixed-site monitoring stations so that the extent of increased exposure to air pollution can be continuously assessed. At the same time we suggest that Local Health Authorities and the Department of Health take steps to investigate the various reports of increased cancer incidence in those living near powerlines.

What You Can Do?
Studies of EMF have not shown that people need to change the way they use electric appliances or equipment. But if you feel reducing your exposure would be beneficial, you can increase your distance from electric appliances and/or limit the amount of time you use appliances at home or at work.

For instance:

  • You can place telephone answering machines and electric clocks away from the head of your bed.
  • You can increase your distance from appliances such as televisions, computer monitors and microwave ovens.
  • You can also reduce your EMF exposure by limiting the time you spend using personal appliances such as hair dryers, electric razors, heating pads and electric blankets.
  • You can limit the time you spend using electric cooking appliances.
  • You can locate sources of EMF in your work environment and spend break time in lower-field areas.
It is not known whether such actions will have any impact on your health.

"To Summarize..."
EMF exists wherever there is electricity: in homes, in workplaces and near power lines. Electric fields exist whenever equipment is plugged in, but magnetic fields exist only when equipment is turned on. Both types of fields get weaker with distance from their source.

Until more is known, your best strategy is to stay informed and, if you think it's necessary, to limit your exposure. You may be able to reduce your exposure by identifying EMF sources, changing the way you use electric appliances and increasing your distance from EMF sources.

When Are EMFs Dangerous?
2.5 mG is the generally accepted limit of ELF magnetic field exposure but no one tells you that the average hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, or can opener you use EMITS AN AMAZING 300 mG or more!!!

After more than 25 years of intensive study, the health and safety conscious Swedish government has established a safety limit for exposure to ELF magnetic field at 2.5 mG, and VLF magnetic fields at only 0.25 mG. Although the U.S. government has been slower to act in establishing its own standards, the Swedish standard is generally accepted throughout the world. What this possibly means is that if someone consistently experiences exposure which exceeds the standard, that person could be at risk for developing health problems which can range from headaches, fatigue, and dizziness to skin rashes, miscarriage, leukemia, and cancer.

In fact, numerous court cases where plaintiffs claim to have been injured by EMFs are now in progress. Even though the controversy of conflicting scientific studies persists, it seems strange that cigarettes and alcohol are packaged with warnings we already know about, and the sodium, fat, and cholesterol content of foods must appear on the labels, but NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT THE AVERAGE HAIR DRYER, VACUUM CLEANER, OR CAN OPENER YOU USE EMITS AN AMAZING 300 mG OR MORE!!!

What Can You Do About EMFs?
The Office of Technology Assessment of the Congress of the United States recommends a policy of "prudent avoidance" with respect to EMF. Prudent avoidance means to measure fields, determine the sources, and act to reduce exposure.

  1. Detect EMFs in your home and work environment. You have to know where the sources of EMF are in your everyday world and how strong these sources are. Is there wiring in the wall behind your bed that you don't even know about? Is the vaporizer emitting strong fields in the baby's room? How much EMF are you and your family getting from the power lines in the street? Get a meter, share it with your friends, and test the areas where you spend time.
  2. Diminish your exposure to the EMFs you find. Remember that EMFs go right through doors and walls.
    • Determine how far you must stay away from the EMF emitters in your home & work environment to achieve less than 2.5 mG of exposure... the microwave oven, the alarm clock, the computer, and so on.
    • Rearrange your furniture (especially the beds, desks, and couches where you spend the most time) away from heaters, wiring, and fluorescent lights, electric doorbells, and other EMF "hot spots".
    • Test electrical appliances before you buy with a hand held meter in the store.
    • Know what you are buying and buy the lowest EMF emitter. Where practical, replace your electric appliances with non-electric devices.
    • Contact your local utility if you suspect high radiation from power lines near your home, schools, or workplace. They will come out and test. If they find high levels of EMF (ask for the report!) they may be required to re-route the power lines, move them higher, or bury them.
    • Turn off, don't use, or throw out electrical appliances that you can do without!
    • Have an electrician correct faulty high EMF wiring and help you eliminate dangerous stray ground currents. Consult a qualified EMF engineer if necessary.
    • Here's a simple way to reduce exposure from idle computer monitors using the "Low-Power Standby" mode: In Control Panel, locate the "Display Properties". Click the Screen Saver tab and check the Low-Power Standby box. Set the amount of minutes of idle before activation of standby mode. Click OK. What this accomplishes is that the monitor will power down (almost zero radiation output!) when the keyboard is idle for a short while. To "wake up" the monitor, simply touch the keypad or mouse. Note: this is better than Screen Savers, which do not reduce radiation or power consumption! This may only be available in some Windows 95/98 computers. For other computers use the Monitor Miser to accomplish the same radiation savings.
  3. Shield yourself.

    Use shielding devices on your computer screen and cellular phone. Add shielding to your household wiring, circuit box, and transformers. Use shielding-enhanced materials in your bedding or your clothing if you must be exposed to EMFs.

Did you know that:

  • you can reduce the EMF exposure from your hair dryer 90% or more by arranging to hang the dryer on a wall hook, get a flexible plastic hose for the nozzle, and direct the hot air to your head with the hose!
  • Dr. David Carpenter, Dean of the School of Public Health, SUNY was quoted as saying that he estimates that 10% to 15% of all childhood cancers may be due to exposure to residential power lines!
  • USA Today conducted a survey of 4567 readers and reported that EMF pollution is the #1 environmental concern in America today.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported in 1993 that the real estate resale value of homes decreased by as much as 30%, if exposed to EMFs!
  • that electric fields are measured in units of volts per meter (V/m) and magnetic fields are measured in units of Gauss (G) or Tesla (T). 1 tesla = 10,000 gauss.
  • microwaves are within the upper part of the radio frequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum? Radio frequencies range from kilohertz (thousands of cycles per second) to gigahertz (billions of cycles per second). Check your microwave oven for leakage!
  • epidemiological studies in Sweden by Maria Feychting showed that individuals exposed to high magnetic fields at home and at work had 3.7 times the risk of developing leukemia compared to those not exposed.

  • that 2 recent research reports have identified elevated risks of breast cancer among women working in jobs with presumed higher than average exposure to EMFs.

  • the US Postal Service has agreed to allow installation of 200 foot high towers supporting clusters of cellular phone antennas on the rooftops of 11,500 US Post Offices. By using this federal land, the installers can circumvent local planning boards.

  • the electromagnetic radiation from 4 watt walkie-talkies and 0.6 watt cell phones can cause medical life support equipment (such as infant apnea monitors) to malfunction?

  • the back of your computer is actually more EMF dangerous than the front? The safe distance from the front of your computer is about 30", while safe EMF levels from the back are about 40"! Think about what this means in schools and offices with rows of terminals. Suggest computer shielding to your employer and school board.

  • when shopping for appliances, those with a higher EER (energy efficiency ratio) generally produce lower EMF levels and are therefore safer!

  • one study (Ahlbom & Feychting, 1993) reported that at 2 mG and above, exposed children were 2.7 times as likely to develop cancer as unexposed children, and at 3 mG and above, the odds rose to 3.8 times as likely!

  • another study (Wertheimer & Leeper, 1986) stated that couples who use either electric blankets or electrically heated waterbeds had a significantly higher miscarriage rate!

    related articles:

  • Study Shows Electrical Fields Influence Brain Activity, July 14, 2010 - The finding helps explain why techniques that influence electrical fields such as transcranial magnetic stimulation and deep brain stimulation are effective for the treatment of various neurological disorders including depression. The study also ?raises many questions about the possible effects of electrical fields, such as power lines and cell phones, in which we immerse ourselves,? said David McCormick, the Dorys McConnell Duberg Professor of Neurobiology at Yale School of Medicine, a researcher of the Kavli Institute of Neuroscience and senior author of the study...

  • The Poltergeist Machine - Poltergeist activity is electromagnetic in nature: High energy EM field generators cause the familiar ghostly phenomena.

  • EMF Problems - EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) bioeffect exposure builds in North America along with public awareness - and government denial.

  • Health and Diamagnetism - Oxygen deficiency lends to the development of cancer cells and its effects can be eliminated by supplying purified oxygen.

  • The HealingMindN Umbilical twin has now been separated into it's own site on esoteric physical & spiritual connections

History, Theory and Practice of the Electrical Utility System

Eric Dollard's presentation, History, Theory and Practice of the Electrical Utility System, is 5 HOURS LONG and contains some very disruptive information that should be a serious concern to National Security! This redefines the very definition of what it means to be comprehensive.

EPD Laboratories, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting Eric P. Dollard's work; it receives royalties for all of Eric's presentations.

There is definitely plenty of history of what preceeded the grid and how it developed over time, but also - how it is being radically sabotaged into something that will actually assist an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) into causing even more damage than can be imagined - and it will be delivered right into YOUR home. This is what Eric Dollard has been wanting to expose for the last few years when he discovered a massive amount of electrical transmission interference in the ground during his telluric experiments.

Is this degredation of the grid intentional or has this been done simply because the art of power engineering has deteriorated to the point of incompetance? It's up to you to decide, but if you currently do not believe in conspiracy theories, this presentation might just change your mind because the evidence is hiding in plain sight. Just wait until Eric points it out - and it is shocking that it is all around us; this is not an exaggeration.

A portion of the proceeds from this presentation will go to EPD Laboratories, Inc. to help pay off the building to support the work of Eric Dollard so get a copy and encourage your friends to get a copy too.

This science fair report and more are available from A&P Emedia Publications and Presentations [May 2020 Shelter in Place Special - EXPIRES MAY 31st: Get 50% off all 2018-19 A&P Presentations, using coupon code, MAY50 (case sensitive), in the shopping cart for each purchase.]

History, Theory and Practice of the Electrical Utility System

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