The Hidden Bioenergetic Spectrum

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Did you know that the CCDs in today’s digital cameras are especially sensitive to the entire visual spectrum from ultraviolet to visible to infrared? A recent post to one of my science groups peaked my curiosity.

This post alluded to the possibility that some gov’t body is trying to keep the public in the dark about what’s going on outside the visible spectrum. Being the conspiracy fanatic that I am I had to look into this post at Earthfiles. (OK. I admit it. I’m a UFO enthusiast – because I want one.)

Sure enough, there’s this professional photographic outlet in New York; they’re ask people to fill out paper work to prove that the camera will only be used for business purposes. Maybe someone can enlighten me about this: What ignominious purpose would an infrared camera serve? Why only business applications for such a camera? What am I missing here?

I’m highly suspicious of this because I hate being kept in the dark. Don’t you hate being kept in the dark? Don’t you hate it when people hide things from you? Well, I do.

I happened to know from years earlier about UFOs and flying “critters” hiding in the infrared (IR) spectrum from Trevor James Constable’s book, Cosmic Pulse of Life, wherein there are a number of photos of UFOs and flying “critters.” TJC used an IR camera with IR sensitive film. They came out really well – although some of them were taken in pitch darkness.

Besides your own IR illumination, the only way someone could take IR photos in pitch darkness is if the item in question has energy emissions in the IR spectrum. I happened to fall upon a video on Youtube that compares a regular digital camera to an IR digital camera while they are taking pictures of – guess what? UFOs! Yeah! Have a look:

It turns out that digital cameras only need the “hot” mirror, IR filter replaced for Digital Infrared conversion. Life Pixel specialises in converting Canon, Fujifilm, and Nikon Cameras.I believe a good question is how did I find Life Pixel. Of course, I went googling for “UV digital camera,” “IR digital camera,” “full spectrum digital camera.” I found a few IR cameras on eBay, but I wanted a full spectrum camera. (You can go to Life Pixel IR and Life Pixel to see beautiful scenic scapes taken in IR and full spectrum.)

Now, for me, the full spectrum is what I get every morning when I open my eyes, so I have a hell of a time opening them. Full spectrum provides the most beautiful, crisp and clear images (although there are those of you who love the ghostly IR images). In fact, digital cameras are far clearer in resolution than any film camera when used in the full spectrum.

There was one full spectrum camera on eBay that I was considering, but the price was so out there that I figured that I’ll just look into doing it myself and saving money. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clean room, all the proper tools, or the knowledge to keep from breaking my camera, so I kept searching and found an alternate solution: Life Pixel. Actually, that auction for the full spectrum camera mentioned where they had the work done.

Full spectrum cameras can also be used for examining auras around people, animals, and life in general for study and diagnosis. They can also be used in all kinds of science projects that emit in different parts of the spectrum. (Is that a good business reason?) Please stay tuned for more IR, UV, and full spectrum videos at Bioenergetic Spectrum Science Circle.

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Randolph Directo

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