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I have this ridiculously huge scrapbook of material that keeps pouring in concerning the Gulf Disaster / Holocaust. A great deal of the content is damning, therefore I try to publish only that content devoted to protecting our health. Most of the information devoted to protecting our health is damning, therefore, you are going to see a lot of grey areas here.

For example, Surviving in a Contaminated World is one of those damning articles that point out the clear and present dangers of what we are facing and the precautions we need to take in order to protect our health and our loved ones. Here is an excerpt:

Nutrients to the Rescue

Herbalist Brigitte Mars correctly points out the fact that there are a number of foods that can better help our bodies tolerate the effects of pollution.

Eating lower on the food chain minimizes our chemical intake (the fresher and more organic, the safer). Consuming more grains has a multitude of benefits. Their high fiber content binds with toxins and lessens intestinal transit time. Their vitamin B6 content nourishes the thymus gland and their vitamin E content helps the body to better utilize oxygen. The grain buckwheat is high in rutin, helps to protect against radiation and stimulates new bone marrow production.

The mucilaginous fiber in seaweed helps to prevent the reabsorbtion of radioactive strontium 90. Following the bombing of Nagasaki, a group of surviving macrobiotic doctors and their patients avoided radiation sickness by eating brown rice, miso and seaweed. They also did not get leukemia. Seaweeds also help to break down fatty deposits.

High chlorophyll foods like wheatgrass and barley grass strengthen cells, transport oxygen, help to detoxify the blood and liver as well as helping to neutralize polluting elements and stimulate RNA production. Sulfur-rich vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and mustard greens combine with heavy metals and help prevent free radical damage.?

The International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) has recommendations for treatment of the toxic exposure to aerosol oil toxicity. Our full protocol recommends the use of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), magnesium chloride, iodine, selenium, glutathione, activated charcoal, clay and any one of several superfoods.

I’m leaving it up to you to examine that entire article by Dr. Sircus, which I highly recommend. The damning evidence / scrapbook will be published at Evil Mind where it belongs.

Nutrition Spectrum

Nutrition Spectrum has time limit discounts happening right now with Gaiam, Puritan’s Pride and Vitamin World. Catch the amazing deals, especially for allergy sufferers who want to enhance their immune system and protect themselves from allergens.

Allergy Relief Solutions is now linked with Insomnia Sleep Solutions which focuses on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the healing science section since allergy sufferers have a difficult time getting rest. The same technology used by professional athletes to heal their wounds and bring them back into the game faster can also provide us with a good night’s sleep.

Collective DNA Consciousness

Part 6 of a seven part video series by Greg Braden has been published at
Collective DNA Consciousness
which demonstrates how intentions / emotions can be used for healing. I consider Collective DNA Consciousness a crossover article which demonstrates how our mind / body continuity actually works, especially concerning psychoneuroimmunology (PNI).

According to the evidence, the keys to healing ourselves and the world around us seem to be our intention and emotion. This subject will be further covered at HealingMindN Power Circle.

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