How to Give the Gift of Eternal Youth for Christmas

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What better Holiday Gift for a loved one who should live eternally in youth and beauty? What about an Immortality Device?

Some years ago (early 2000’s), I happened upon plans by Alex Chiu for an immortality device; this device consists of a simple configuration of magnets to be worn at key areas of the hands or feet as illustrated in the following diagrams:


hand ring immortality device

Foot Bracket Immortality Device


For your convenience, I provided these plans in a .pdf format entitled Immortality / Biomagnetics.

For those of you uninitiated, you may be thinking this is just a fictional sort of thing that some snake oil salesman came up with to make money. Actually, that’s up to you and me to decide. The plans are right there at Immortality / Biomagnetics for putting together your own immortality device using your own materials for your own experimentation.

Within that same ebook, you will also find a comprehensive treatise on biomagnetics by Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC., O.M.D., “Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy.” I found Dr. Tierra’s article years before Alex Chiu’s Immortality Device. I happened to have an interest in traditional oriental medicine wherein Dr. Tierra provides this interesting foray into biomagnetism. Then I found Alex’s device on a further search.

I’m familiar with electromagnetic effects on the human body. If you’re familiar with my work, then you have seen my video on building a Beck-Type Magnetic Pulser by retrofitting a strobe light with larger electrolytic caps in series with a coil:



I also published a few articles on electromagnetic (EM) pollution and the way it affects our health in general at EMF problems in the North America and The Poltergeist Machine. Therefore, I resonate with Dr. Tierra’s assertion that EM pollution has pathological effects on human society. Biomagnetism provides a modality of re-balancing bioenergy (Qi) within the body.


We have to ask ourselves: What is “natural” concerning the human condition? I realize that there are those of you who are skeptical and immediately dismiss strange ideas as “hoot.” But let’s entertain a notion for the moment. After all, we (Christians) are here during the Holidays entertaining the notion of Christ’s Birth. Why not entertain a further notion?

Let’s entertain the notion that people during the time of Noah actually lived to be nearly 1000 years old. What changed? Beliefs changed. Obviously, beliefs in aging was one of them. That belief became incorporated into human culture. As you might have learned from Collective DNA Consciousness, you know that our beliefs and feelings are expressed within our DNA code.

Ergo, the problem is not only technological in modern day human society; the problem is also spiritual. Our state of technology goes hand in hand with our spiritual beliefs – of life, the universe, and everything. Unfortunately, our life-negative energy technologies speak volumes about the spiritual state of our “modern” human culture.

There is a way around this. According to my findings, Alex Chiu’s Immortality Device may actually re-balance us energetically AND spiritually.

A mechanist might say, “these are just magnets – how can they possibly do this?”

The human body is a fascinating thing. For 1000’s of years we have studied ourselves and the way we relate to nature. The Silk Road between India and China during times of antiquity revealed amazing facets of the human body: Energy Channels, Chakra, Acupuncture Points, and a myriad of “controls” that serve as “connections” between us, the sky above, and the earth below.

Specifically, the most important point affected by Alex Chiu’s Magnetic Foot Brace is Kidney 1, lovingly known as “yongquan” (gushing spring). K1 is the exit point for Yang-Qi (heaven) and the entry point for Yin-Qi (earth).


As you might know, Traditional Chinese Medicine denotes far more importance (and area) to our internal organs than western medicine; this includes the source of our feelings and emotions – a different concept from western medicine. According to TCM, the functions of the kidneys include:

  • To store Jing (kinetic energy, the way we express ourselves) and dominate reproduction, growth, and development
  • To produce marrow, fill up the brain, dominate the bones, and manufacture blood.
  • To dominate water
  • To control the reception of Qi (potential energy)
  • To open the ears

Kidneys store Jing in two forms:

  • Prenatal Jing (given to us at birth)
  • “Outside” Jing (from food, water, air, sun, earth, EM energy, beliefs, ideas, etc)

Ergo, when we re-balance our selves through the kidney meridian, it’s a form of “precursor bio-engineering,” to help us return to our original life “patterns” (created by God) (If you’re wondering about the bladder meridian, the kidneys are “Yin,” the bladder is “Yang.” Where one meridian ends the other begins and it’s all on your feet.)

The question remains: Why do the Alex Chiu Foot Braces have the magnetic north poles dorsi faced on the left foot and plantar faced on the right foot? I believe this goes back to Ayurvedic Medicine and Ha-Tha Yoga.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Tierra’s treatise which discusses these facets:

To describe further, ida corresponds to the left side of the body and crosses the spinal chord (Sushumna) at various chakras or energy centers and finally at the left nostril to enter the right side of the brain. Pingala governs the right side of the body and transcends various chakras to cross over to the left side of the brain at the nostrils. Kundalini, which is responsible for higher consciousness cannot ascend the sushumna nadi (channel) from the base ‘muladhara) without both right and left sided energies being equally balanced.

Ida (left side of body)

Pingala (right side of body)

Right cerebral hemisphere

calm, relaxed state

higher mental processes

left nostril breath

activated by oxygen

slower heartbeat and respiration

blue, dark, cool, negative



Yin energy

Left cerebral hemisphere

excited state

strong emotions, rational thought processes

right nostril breath

activated by carbon dioxide

faster heartbeat and respiration

red, hot, positive



Yang energy

the chakra channels

 Ergo, the magnets within the immortality foot braces are simply configured to facilitate the balanced flow of Yin and Yang Energies throughout the body:

Pingala: Yang Energy <- S|N

Ida: Yin Energy <-N|S

Simple concept, but the simplest concepts in the universe are the ones that usually work.

As far as the immortality rings, Alex Chiu suggests their placement at small intestine 3, of the pinky finger. Proper stimulation of this point has a cooling effect on the liver, kidneys, and heart. Ergo, the same effect is facilitated through the five elements theory, but not as efficacious as the foot braces.

For those of you who still call this a load of hoot, let’s assume for a moment that God meant for us to be energetically and spiritually balanced – like Noah, but even better. These are Holy Days. Why not take the Word of God on faith?

Therefore I say unto you,what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them” [Mark 11:24]

Tell me. Do you know someone who should be forever young? Why not make it a Christmas Gift?

Happy Holidays,

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