Magnetic Therapy: Scalar Magnetic Pulse Device?

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I’ve been working on a little project in pulsed magnetic therapy. I threw together this hand held device based on a reports I’ve published here, namely Genetic Defects and Project HAARP.

I’ve been wondering to myself for a while if that non-linear step up function discussed in the above article has to be in a plasma state. Think about it. How does that translation function work in a non-linear medium? In essence, we’re getting order from an “alleged” chaos function of manifold avenues.

By the same token, I’ve been wondering exactly how Don Croft’s cloudbusters work. (James DeMeo is worried about their getting into the wrong hands, so they must work.)

Don Croft is also employing a non-linear step up function in terms of those metal shots and shavings that he uses in his cloudbusters and “holy hand grenades.” (He took that Monty Python movie seriously.)

Since his devices are passive, yet they work, this means there is already some kind of “activity” going on within that non-linear medium, but what? What’s more interesting is that Don’s cloud busters work just as well as Wilhelm Reich’s cloudbusters that needed a source of running water.

In a way, Don’s a genius because he took one of Reich’s Orgone (cosmic energy) detectors which consisted of nothing more than iron filings and organic matter and combined it with the “vacuum” array of a cloud buster.

You see, the way the orgone works is that it’s instantly attracted and repelled by metal, especially ferromagnetic materials while organic matter tends to absorb and keep energy. In essence, the metal is like an inductor, the organic matter is like a capacitor, and the space between them is the resistance.

When we combine all of these elements together in a non-linear medium, we get a plethora of RLC resonant circuits, that is, passively resonant with cosmic energy. This principle is similar to our planet’s resonant capacities, although it has a lot more order with all sorts of conducting and semi-conducting materials. Our planet has all sorts of geophysical resonances, not only in the atmosphere such as with the Schumann frequencies, but everywhere.

Please have a look at the device that I’ve built:


Although it’s a little heavy, this is just a small hand held device. I’ll admit that the magnetron emitter array is not so perfect. I’ll do better next time.

What you see here is a copper doped magnetron wrapped as a Tesla-extra coil. The ferrite core at the center is also doped with copper particles and the entire emitter is wrapped according to the right hand rule.

There are several things going on in this device. First I have to assume that in the passive mode that copper doped magnetron array is increasing efficiency of cosmic energy flow by way of that atmospheric, non-linear translation function. I’m assuming this because Croft cloudbusters and holy handgrenades are also passive in nature.

The circuit within is a free running, astable pulse generator that outputs non-symmetrical pulses. Besides the power switch, the other switch changes the frequency from 1000 Hz to 100 Hz.

The Theramagnetron produces a very interesting sensation. What I like to do is apply it less than an inch away from the affected area. For example, I had a pain at the bottom of my foot, so I held the Theramagnetron right above the pain in slow circular patterns. After about ten seconds at 1000Hz, there are definite sensations of tingling at the surface of the skin, a pulling sensation as if there’s a vacuum, and a sensation of heat.

After 30 seconds, I switched to 100Hz, then a strange cooling sensation was in the same area and that vacuuming, tingling sensation reached even deeper into the flesh. What I would do was switch between 1000Hz and 100Hz every 30 seconds. This action seemed to increase the efficacy of the therapy – almost like dipping my foot alternately in heating and cooling solutions.

My foot feels pretty good now. The corn is still there, but no pain as before.

My hypothesis is that etheric energy, as part of that non-linear translation function, is serving as the scalar function of those collapsing magnetic fields, thus increasing the efficiency, manifold.

For those of you who don’t have a handle on cosmic energy; it’s primordial energy. In physics class, we only like to talk about electromagnetic waves and their transmutation. These are basically waves of decay.

What is missing from modern day physics classes because of that awful assumption from the Michaelson-Morley experiment is that cosmic primordial energy is the energy of creation. Cosmic energy is instantly transmutable into all of other kinds of energy and matter.

We also call it etheric energy because it resonates with all other energy systems and is instantly transmutable within that system. As of late, some scientists call it “dark matter” when it’s highly condensed, but this energy is universal, all around us and within us.

Different cultures have different names for etheric energy like “prana,” “vril,” “ki” and “chi.” Native Americans sensed the “Manitou” or “Orenda” of people, places, and things using their resonance with etheric energy.

I consider this device a success. My hypothesis is it takes advantage of non-linear translation functions such as that provided by nature. These non-linear translation functions are scalar in nature and perform as carriers for EM functions which makes them super efficient such as that discussed at the post on Genetic Defects and Project HAARP.

I’m going to build a few more of these Theramagnetrons and try to increase their efficiency. As I build more and have extras, I might sell them on eBay. We’ll See.

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