Is the Hidden Microwave Infrastructure Dangerous?

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This post is a follow up to Colony Collapse Disorder Honey Bee Research and Bioenergetic Research on Vanishing Bees. It seems that school children must suffer the effects of a microwave infrastructure that school district officials chose to install without your knowledge:

Cell towers on school grounds: Reward or risk?

Associated Press • December 16, 2008

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — For six weeks, hundreds of Benito Middle students had nowhere to store their belongings. The 300 students not issued lockers had to lug 30-pound bookbags, Principal John Sanders said.

To the relief of concerned parents, the school installed gleaming turquoise lockers in mid-October at a cost of $40,000.

But the money didn’t come from Hillsborough schools, PTA fundraisers or some other traditional funding source. As school budgets shrink, campuses like Benito have found a financial pipeline in an unlikely and controversial place: cell phone towers.

This year, Hillsborough schools could rake in more than $230,000 from leases on towers.

But some parents say the money isn’t worth it. They say the school district is being irresponsible and gambling with students’ health without conclusive evidence that towers are safe.

“It’s literally pennies a day that each child is getting for having a cell tower there,” said Mary Meckley, who wants the district to remove the tower from her son’s school, Pride Elementary in New Tampa. “They’re hardly getting any money.”

Try telling that to cash-strapped administrators who can’t afford basics like copy machines and student textbooks…

Frank said if schools don’t cash in on this growing market, another institution — a nearby church, recreational facility or hospital — will. As long as there are cell phones, she said, towers will be around us.

“What people tend not to realize is that they’re in the neighborhoods already,” she said, rattling off a list of places across Hillsborough with towers. “They’re everywhere…



This is just my opinion, but it seems to me that installing a cell tower near a church, recreational facility or hospital is just as deplorable. Installing a cell tower near children in a learning environment where those so-called “weak” microwaves have never been tested is unconscionable.

Yes, we are bombarded on a regular basis by all kinds of energy. The problem is that medical experts like neurosurgeons are implicating the microwave infrastructure, namely the current psychosocial practice of holding cellphones against your skull, and brain tumors. This subject is discussed at the post on Colony Collapse Disorder Honey Bee Research.

The medical research studies say that children are the most susceptible to the dangers of a microwave infrastructure because their skulls are still too thin. Imagine what spending six to eight hours a day, nine to twelves months out of the year next to a cell tower will do to your child? If your child uses a cellphone on a regular basis, this at least doubles his/her exposure to microwave radiation.

Obviously, the cellphone companies are actively surveying schools, churches, recreational facilities, and hospitals to open new cell tower leases. This much is obvious; it’s the obvious arguement that the cellphone company rep is using on his prospects to open that lease, “You had better take that lease or someone else will – you could be making tons of money…”

If you ask me, a truly creative school district would search for more educational opportunities for the children while making money. For example, cash in on the green industry while kids learn green technology. Did you see the examples of technology for converting trash into energy at
Earth Day Remembers North Pacific Trash Gyre
? This is only the tip of the iceberg.

What the school official could do is actively search green companies who want to host their technology on the school site as a commercial display for their market. At the same time, the kids would take tours of this green technology (by company reps) and learn the basics of making this a clean, healthy, civilised world, not only for future generations, but for that child’s generation who is learning green technology.

Of course, this means that school officials can’t just sit on their hands all day hoping that green technology reps will magically appear at their doorstep – like those microwave infrastructure reps. School officials would have to be proactive in researching companies that are willing to set up a lease as well as help educate kids.

Anyone who is willing to install cell towers near people, especially children, is suffering from ego, greed, and flat out carelessness. Anyone who is willing to install cell towers next to children in their learning environment probably hate children. Of course, they’ll deny it, but if you get to know such a person, you will find out quickly that they don’t give a damn.

I’m hoping that you do. You can help make a difference by telling the US Congress how you feel about installing a hidden microwave infrastructure that just might put the final nail in the coffin of the advancement of humanity, especially our children. Please sign the following petition:

Urge Congress on EMF Safety, FCC Must Change Exposure Guidelines for Microwave Radiation Exposure

The following 4 steps should be taken:

1. Mandate the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revisit its exposure guidelines for radiofrequency radiation (RF) immediately.

2. Repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which took away the rights of state and local governments to stop the erection of cell towers and wireless antennas in their communities based on “environmental” grounds (defined by FCC as “human health”).

3. Declare a national moratorium on further wireless infrastructure build-out, including the Wi-Max roll-out currently underway, a joint venture of Sprint, Time Warner Cable, Google, Clearwire and others.

4. Establish cell phone and wireless-free neighborhoods, transportation options, government buildings, and public spaces; require employers to establish wireless free zones; and, mandate the removal of cellular and wireless technologies from public schools and their properties.

We ask members of Congress to act swiftly, decisively and with full integrity to stem the emerging electromagnetic radiation pollution increasingly permeating the lives of the American people. There has never before been a public health issue as important. Please sign this petition.

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16 February 2009 by HealingMindNMore ignominious behavior from cellphone industry execs: Industry Makes Pitch That Smartphones Belong in Classroom (excerpt)

…On Tuesday, Digital Millennial will release findings from its study of four North Carolina schools in low-income neighborhoods, where ninth- and 10th-grade math students were given high-end cellphones running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software and special programs meant to help them with their algebra studies.

The students used the phones for a variety of tasks, including recording themselves solving problems and posting the videos to a private social networking site, where classmates could watch. The study found that students with the phones performed 25 percent better on the end-of-the-year algebra exam than did students without the devices in similar classes.

The students also were allowed 900 minutes of talk time and 300 text messages a month to use outside of class. Teachers monitored the messages and reprimanded students if any of the activity violated the school’s standards.

Critics point out that access to such communications usually detracts from the overall time students spent thinking about studies. That is why at least 10 states, and many other school districts, have outright bans on cellphones on school premises.

“Texting, ringing, vibrating,” said Janet Bass, a spokeswoman for the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s second largest teachers’ union. “Cellphones so far haven’t been an educational tool. They’ve been a distraction.” Ms. Bass says it is “almost laughable that the cellphone industry is pushing a study showing that cellphones will make kids smarter,” particularly during a recession that is crushing the budgets of many school districts.

For the industry, however, there is a lot of money at stake. Schools now spend hundreds of millions of dollars on computers to provide an average of one computer for every three students, at a cost of $1,000 a year for each machine….

If the kids want to get into computer related industry and that computer is teaching them how to do it, the $333.33/year per kid is worth it.As far as the cellphones, Let me get this straight. We’re not even going to consider the likelyhood that cellphone execs would want to install a tower on school grounds for “easier access” to their network. Let’s talk about the drain on humanity known as cellphones.

Cellphones have never, nor will they ever be conducive to education – especially when you include brain softening chit-chat as a reward on school grounds.

There’s nothing wrong with using the cellphone for necessities. When you do use it, use it like a “communicator” from the old Star Trek, AWAY from your head.

So, you want to record yourself solving problems? A teacher did that (using his own video camera) in middle school with a bunch of other kids when I was taking algebra. The videos remained anonymous and we would talk out the problems at the same time as we wrote. Then all the kids would watch the videos on a TV and we’d all learn from each other, the best thinking process for kids to solve algebraic problems.

There are video cameras that are much cheaper than cellphones. Why not just use video cameras? (Because a simple video camera doesn’t make any money for the cellphone companies! Video Cameras don’t require subscriptions!)

You also want to post videos to a private social networking site? That can still be done with with a simple video camera. The other private social networking site is your classroom. That’s right. This is the time when the teacher can choose kids at random to solve problems for everyone else to see.

Do you understand how great that works? This means that everyone has to be prepared to solve problems on their homework because you never know when you’ll be called.

That’s mean? Screw you. That’s what I had to do. Noone needed cellphones when I was going to grade school – and most of the kids I knew had went on to higher levels of algebraic analysis by the time they started high school. Guess what the reward was for great performance? Higher Grades.

What more of a reward do you want from school? More brain melting, nonsensical chit-chat on the cellphone?

Dim witted kids don’t deserve cellphone priveleges, much less their parents. If you have to call someone on the cell to tell them you love them, then do it, then hang it up. Discuss how much more you love them in person. You have important business. Fine. Keep it in your office away from prying ears.

Don’t make nonsensical chit-chat at the store discussing which loaf of bread or which bottle of wine to buy with the damn stupid blue tooth sticking out your head.

Rejoin the human race and be humane to yourself as well as others. Use your mind. Don’t melt your brain.

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