Origins of Artificial Weather & Disease + Full Spectrum Photography Detection

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Precursor engineering is a fore runner of the recently disputed subject of epigenetics, how mechanisms of the cell membrane operate in response to environmental signals picked up by the membrane’s receptors.

Epigenetics allows us to include strong emotions of a subject as an environmental signal to influence the shape of their DNA as discussed at Collective DNA Consciousness. Precursor engineering takes this premise a quantum leap further by employing energetics technology or scalar interferometry to produce environmental signals. In turn, these energetic signals change our cellular environments.

I have already referred to scalar field experiments, Biological Interactions with Scalar Energy and Biological Effects of Quantum Fields and Their Role in the Natural Healing Process in previous posts. Today, we look at applications on a geophysical scale for purposes other than healing.

None of this is acknowledged in mainstream science or medicine, BUT please ask the applied physics professors at your local universities; you will learn the potential of scalar weapons, if they’re willing to talk about it with you.

Let’s examine this premise using a few references I collected over the years which discuss precursor engineering in disease and weather control. Discover how you can use your digital camera to reveal evidence of precursor engineering in your area. Is’nt that fun?

First, let’s look at a few passages from Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U.S. by Col Thomas Bearden:

Terrorism Force Amplifier Not Considered by Analysts

Not comprehending “immune system spreading” or how it is induced, our medical
scientists certainly have no knowledge of the electromagnetic use of specific precursor
engines for a specific disease – such as anthrax – to directly induce the disease in
targeted bodies in an entire great area. Instead of the passive measure of immune system
spreading, the same EM weapons can directly transport and induce the precursor engines
for developing the anthrax conditions in the bodies in a large targeted populace – such
as the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area, which was the area considered in the
referenced Government study involving a spray anthrax attack.

For example, the exact structural pattern of the necessary disease induction engines for
anthrax can be directly “gathered” or “recorded” from the EM emissions of sickened human cells or humans with anthrax. Such ordinary EM carrier emissions do contain those specific anthrax EM disease engines as infolded Whittaker patterns {18,19} – particularly in the IR and UV range, and particularly when both the IR and UV ranges are considered simultaneously (i.e., when a full harmonic interval of radiation is considered, and especially when that harmonic brackets the visible spectrum and the targeted organism is in the dark so that the “visible light spectrum” interference is removed.) Our scientific leaders have little or no understanding of the Kaznacheyev experiments, and most simply are not interested in understanding them since it would require thinking in terms of a higher group symmetry electrodynamics, not the common old electrical engineering.

Hence they do not even conceive of the result of “electromagnetic enhancement” of a strike by a BW agent such as anthrax, or of EM BW, where the disease itself is induced in the body by the exact disease engine that pathogens carry, but mostly without the intervening physical carrier. This “direct induction of the specific disease condition” via tailored induction of the appropriate specific EM disease engines in the bodies of the targeted populace, is another gigantic force amplifier that can be either used alone or in conjunction with the previous force amplifier of spread immune systems. The U.S. has no defense against it, nor do our medical science leaders and establishments intend to develop such defenses…1

Col. Bearden doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the mainstream foundation of thought: dark age Newtonian Physics and Pasteurian Chemistry. Conventional medicine only targets pathogens when they become “active” to threaten the health of the host. In essence, conventional medicine is geared towards treatment rather than epidemiology or prevention.

Through out millenia of humanity, in every culture, we have lived by common sense of avoiding exogenous or environmentally detrimental factors that disturb the balance of our health and well being. WE have lived with the fact that there are all manner of pathogens that lay dormant within us and all around us; it’s nature and we’re part of it.

In our salad days, WE also accepted that, in order to keep these pathogens from becoming “active”, we have to remain healthy in body, mind, and spirit: Common Sense. The same ideas are returning to the mainstream in the form of holistic medicine and epigenetics.3

Unfortunately, within the last century of industrialized society, what was common sense in human society is no longer within “modern” civilization. Now, “civilized” people eat whatever junk food, drink whatever junk drink, inject whatever toxic vaccines into their bodies, and glue whatever carcinogenic technology to their heads because these “civilized” people now depend on money and power driven “authorities” to tell them what’s “good and safe.”

For this reason, we allow big industries to affect our health and well being with all manner of toxins every day. “Civilized” people, today, are not capable of critical thinking or common sense because they are unbalanced from environmental toxins. A recent UCLA study has been done wherein people who are out of shape have a distorted sense of reality; this is only one example of many.

By the same token, conventional medical and scientific communities are not interested in educating people in preventive medicine or bioenergetics technology that can protect our health from exogenous attacks and other deleterious environmental signals; they don’t even want to acknowledge it – because there’s more profit in treating disease than preventing it.

Col. Bearden’s Fall from Grace

I want to get this out of the way before any further discussion: Col. Bearden has fallen out of grace more than once with the conventional scientific community and all other skeptics or so-called “critical thinkers.” But Col. Bearden is not the only one. Anyone on the fringe falls out of grace with the toxic skeptics. What we really have to examine are the underlying intentions of said parties: One party wants to advance humanity. Another wants to profit from humanity. Yet another thinks that humanity is just a ridiculous cosmic mistake. Which do you prefer?

Within the same report, Col. Bearden made the prediction under The Yakuza Strategic Role in Our Present Terrorism Threat: “..Today the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo is one of our deadly foes, and it will be involved in the planned, scheduled destruction of the United States within about three years from now…” If anything, that was more than enough ammunition for skeptics of Col. Bearden’s Research.

OK, like Harold Camping, Col. Bearden made a prediction that didn’t come true. We have to remember that Col. Bearden is a nuclear physicist, not a socio-economics expert. Human behavior patterns have many variables and Col. Bearden’s report full of Yakuza Threats is a departure from his usual scientific treatments. Not all of us can be right all of the time when it comes to predicting human behavior.

WE have to focus on the big picture as far as all the data concerned. Col. Bearden claims that the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) is involved with every facet of Japanese Society. Let’s say they DID use scalar weaponry on the U.S. We must also keep in mind that Japan may soon become inhabitable because of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. Please keep this in mind as you read the following excerpt:

..Hurricane and storm damages are being escalated by
the increased intensity of the Yakuza weather engineering.

Many destructive natural phenomena can be evoked or augmented by the scalar interferometry weapons possessed by the Yakuza. Such phenomena include volcano eruption, earthquake induction, and weather and climate engineering confirmed by
Secretary Cohen in his 1997 epochal statement. But the achievable phenomena also
include tsunamis, freak waves in the open ocean, and rogue waves of numerous kind and occurrence…

No other seismic activity has taken place along the ring of fire – the way it should have. The same report refers to a “secretive little U.S. group” and “little nation” operating scalar weaponry in direct opposition to enemy nations. If I was to play devil’s advocate, I would have to say that “little nation” attacked Japan. Since China owns most of the U.S. who’s to say they didn’t attack Japan in an act of “protecting their property?” But I digress.

If there actually were scalar weapons on such a grand scale, they might use the following configuration (excerpted from a letter by Andrea Psoras of QED International Associates to Commodity Futures Trading Commision):

Artificial Ionospheric Mirror

To help you understand the origin of these “artificial ionospheric mirrors,” I refer you to Chemtrails or Contrails? Unmarked NATO Jets have already been implicated in dusting the atmosphere with bizarre mixtures. Our respective gov’ts have admitted to spraying chemtrails; the perpetrators even tried to bypass parents by putting propaganda in children’s grade school text books – that chemtrails are “good and safe.”

Since there are all kinds of metal in the chemtrails that are being sprayed very high in the atmosphere, the jetstream can easily carry these metals upwards into the ionosphere to form the “mirror.” The other influence is Project HAARP which has been ionizing the atmosphere for decades for unknown purposes other than “scientific experiment.”

Precursor Engineering uses Full Spectrum Harmonics

If you have a look at the cloud patterns which indicate weather engineering, you see the exploded vugular and striated patterns follow the asymtotes of Whittaker patterns as indicated by Col. Bearden; this means they are closer to having self replicating rather indefinite fractal patterns. The only other time we get self replicating fractals in clouds is during a tornado or hurricane – not in calm weather. These visible signs are only an indication of precursor engineering.

With an accompanying shift in the ultra violet and/or infrared spectrum, we can suspect precursor bioenergetic engineering since mitogenic (cellular photonic emissions during mitosis) radiation utilize the UV/IR spectrum as information carriers within interstitial fluids – where visible light is generally not found.

The UV/IR light carries patterns which are influenced by – you guessed it – environmental signals. In the case of precursor engineering, we stimulate the formation of certain patterns (i.e. function creates form).

As a matter of coincidence, a mysterious fungal infection outbreak has been reported after a recent tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Here’s an excerpt from Yahoo News:

CDC Studying Deadly Fungus After Joplin, Mo., Tornado

Sat Jun 11, 2:42 pm ET

The Centers for Disease Control has gotten involved in a mysterious case of a fungal infection known as mucormycosis in victims of the Joplin, Mo., tornado. As many as three people have had severe enough infections to have possibly died from a rare form of fungus after receiving injuries due to the massive twister.

Death rates are as high as 30 percent for people who have the fungus spread through their blood. The rate goes as high as 50 percent in those who inhale the spores.

..So far, there have been no cases attributed to air, food or water. So far, cases of the fungal infection are limited to those with cuts and underlying health problems.

The state also says the infections do not travel from human to human.

The National Institutes of Health states people with weakened immune systems are most susceptible to this rare form of mycosis. Mild symptoms include inflammation, coughing, fever and headache. More severe symptoms include blindness, blood clotting and even death.

Dr. Benjamin Park of the CDC told the Associated Press this type of outbreak is rare. Most major hospitals only see one or two cases a year…

I hope I’m wrong when I suggest that precursor engineering may have been involved in generating this mucormycosis outbreak. It’s possible this fungus was simply lying in wait in a pond and picked up by the tornado, but how did this rare form of mycosis happen to proliferate? What environmental signals generate ideal conditions for mucormycosis?

I wouldn’t venture a guess. Instead, let’s understand analogous patterns because we want evidence before jumping to conclusions. Let’s do it just like in school: Cross correlate the energetic phenomenon by studying mechanical and biological analogies.

Acoustic and Biological Analogies to Harmonic Patterns

Cymatics is a study of sound wave or harmonic patterns. If you took physics acoustics, you were given a presentation of beautiful harmonic interference patterns in sand using a Chladni Plate.

If you have studied my articles on crop circles at HealingMindN Power Circle, then you know how I advocate the theory of scalar field interference patterns manifesting all sorts of radiation to carve designs in wheat fields – or wherever they are targeted. The principle of “carving designs” in human blood using the same technology is not much different. In another post, I also discussed how “Vibration Creates Form” according to a presentation by David Icke on cymatics.

Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer studied precursors to disease in harmonic crystallization patterns formed in blood. In 1936, he published Sensitive Crystallization Processes: a demonstration of formative forces in the blood.”

This is an excellent lab manual for any biochem student wherein Dr. Pfeiffer demonstrates crystallization patterns within the blood remain similar between any number of individuals experiencing the same disease. With all of his experience, he was able to predict what kind of disease a person was yet to experience by simply testing his blood, thus, serving as a form of preventive medicine:

Carcinoma Blood Sample, crystallized

Since crystallization patterns remain standardized between individuals according to disease, it stands to reason that inducing a disease pattern or the correct “environment” within the blood utilizing precursor engineering would allow dormant pathogens to become “active.”

Photographing Shifts in the UV/IR Spectrum

If there were any kind of artificial environmental signals being generated in Joplin, Missouri, then there would be a shift in the visible spectrum towards UV/IR regions.

Of course, we can’t see this shift with the naked eye, BUT we can use a full spectrum DSLR camera to see that shift for us. Without the hot filter, digital cameras are especially sensitive to light outside of the visible spectrum.

I happen to have a report with all kinds of revealing sample pictures with information that we wouldn’t see without the proper equipment. It’s called, “Imaging the invisible using modified digital still cameras for straightforward and low-cost archaeological near-infrared photography” which tells us about converting DSLR Cameras for UV/IR photography:

..Replacing this internal IR-block filter is, however, a delicate job, as high voltages are present inside the camera and a lot of dust can stick to the sensor. To exclude the risk of damaging the camera (and losing the money spent as conversion voids the manufacturer’s warranty), it is advisable to have this modification performed by a dedicated company (e.g. Khromagery, LDP LLC, Life Pixel). Although these companies often modify only a few particular DSCs (mostly D-SLRs), about any camera can have its NIR-block filter replaced…

And, as a happy coincidence, Life Pixel has recently cut their prices in half for DSLR Camera Conversion.

If you have ever wondered what enhanced color IR nature photography is like, please look at the following sample from

UV/IR Shot of Canal Pond

Isn’t that exotic, yet pleasant? You could be wondering if I’m asking for something surreal from you: “Is this guy asking me to take pictures in the middle of violent weather with the possibility of getting killed?” You may also ask if anyone else has ever done this. No, I’m not asking you to risk your life. I’m asking you to help gather evidence as far as unusual UV/IR shifts in the atmosphere and post links to your pictures here.

About a decade ago, certain IR AND Near IR doppler weather radar images were leaked all over the web; these were images captured before violent weather hit certain areas in the U.S.

I have many samples. I want to share two of them with you to give you the idea of the scale of energetic manifestation. Do you remember when Florida was getting leveled with violent weather back in 2001? Here’s a doppler weather IR radar motion picture from 24 February 2001. Please take note of the “flash” at 3:15pm:

Anamolous energy flash over Florida, 3:15pm 24 Feb 2001

Here’s a close up of the same energy flash over Florida:

Anamolous energy flash over Florida, 3:15pm 24 Feb 2001

As you see from the vastness of that IR flash that you could have been several states over from Florida and you still would have captured it with your converted DSLR Camera. The only problem is we may not know exactly when “they” are going to activate their scalar weaponry – and it only has to be done for a few minutes to affect weather patterns.

My theory is that these anamolous energy flashes take longer and/or greater intervals for precursor engineering of pathogenic environments, such as the mucormycosis example in Joplin, MO. For this reason, we need as many full spectrum photographers as possible gathering evidence before and during these “attacks.”

Remember, you can live one or two states away from where these attacks are occuring. In fact, I prefer you live away from the danger zones as you gather evidence.

These types of doppler weather radar images with anamolous energy flashes are no longer available to the public. I will find a way to publish more of these images. Meanwhile, this post is open to all full spectrum photographers to share their evidence with the world.

If you already have a converted DSLR camera, please share your link to atmospheric pics where there have been anamolous shifts in the UV/IR spectrum. The same goes for you after you get your camera converted.

Anamolous cloud formations are the first sign; that’s when you get out your camera.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

The UV/IR photographers with the most revealing evidence get a 15 megabyte, windows ebook manual of Dr. Robert Beck’s home made energetic healing devices – to help you counter all the unhealthy activities from artificial weather and disease engineering. Thanks for your help!

1EM BW: Terrorism Force Amplifier Not Considered by Analysts; p. 35;
Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U.S.; Col Thomas Bearden; Oct. 13, 2004.

2Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U.S.; p.17; Col Thomas Bearden; Oct. 13, 2004.

3These Four Beliefs Defy Modern Science; Dr. Joseph Mercola; September 15 2009.

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