Clinical Bioenergetics as the Holistic Cure to Disease

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Clinical Bioenergetics by Michael Galitzer, M.D., is the quintessential guideline for health practitioners and patients alike to curing most disease which is caused by toxins from stress, pollution, and life-negative ingredients pushed by conventional medicine and the food industry.

I’ve always thought of the treatment within this manual as naturopathic medicine, but the overall combination of holistic treatments within makes sense as “Clinical Bioenergetics.”

If you’ve been through my site including Healing Science Spectrum, you’ve seen some esoteric articles on bioresonant technology, but just knowing how that technology works doesn’t cure anyone. A clinician can apply all the magnetic pulse therapy, low level laser therapy, Rife Therapy, etc. until he’s blue in the face.

If that patient doesn’t make healthy lifestyle changes, then he’s just a bottomless pit of woe. These different forms of bioresonant electrotherapy are not a magic bullet; they’re not a panacea. These advanced technologies are an alternative form of detoxification and stimulation that require regular applications until the ailment subsides.

A partnership must exist between the health provider and patient. That partnership consists of educating the patient about necessary lifestyle changes while the patient learns and follows up by make those changes.

The problem begins there. Many people feel more emotionally secure about being sick than being well. Some of them have the logic that being sick is the only way to garner attention and be with people, thus creating a bottomless pit of woe. I have heard this not only from Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Practioners, but from conventional medical practioners as well.

Other bottomless pits of woe tell themselves, “I don’t have to do anything. I’m seeing a doctor. He or She is supposed to keep me well. It’s not my fault if they don’t keep me well…” On and on they ramble with whatever other logic they use to negate responsibility for their own health.

Clinical Bioenergetics deals with these stigmas as well; it provides guidelines for dealing with people who are physically sick because they are spiritually sick. For example, from Chapter 13 on the Placebo Effect:

“Dr. Janet Hranicky, a well-known psychologist specializing in the relationship of emotional attitudes to the occurrence and treatment of cancer, has researched cancer patients for the past 15 years, and has found that they are more apt to have la long-standing belief system that keeps them in a state of emotional pain…”

I realize this treatise is crossing over into subjects on psychoneuroimmunology. For this reason, I also manage this site on bioenergetics and and HealingMindN which is oriented towards psychoenergetics because they are always crossing over into each other when it comes to healing.

I’m surprised that I didn’t find Clinical Bioenergetics sooner. Except for the aforementioned bioresonant electrotherapies, it embodies everything this site is about; it mostly covers detoxification and the sensitivity of the pancreas because most of us are living in a toxin-oriented society, the health of most people in the U.S. is suffering because of toxins in our “super industrialized” public drinking water, food, drugs (including drugs in public drinking water), baby toys, etc.

The amount of toxins in “modern” day society are just too much for us and our pancreas’ are paying for it. Our elimination organs our livers, kidneys, and lymphs are suffering. We are paying the price of living in a toxic society with, our taxes, our tolerance and our good health.

The symptoms we suffer from toxic shock are manifold. The symptoms vary from allergies to depression, to aches and pains, to obsessive worry. A stressed and ailing pancreas is the center of most common everyday ailments because we are overloaded with toxins. Decadent doctors are only too happy to prescribe a drug for each and every one of our symptoms while completely ignoring the single underlying cause: TOXINS.

Conventional medicine is only interested in treating the symptoms. You know it and I know it. Conventional medical doctors, especially HMO doctors, are only interested in going through their daily assembly line of patients to meet their quota of drug prescriptions and “treatments” because this is how they get paid.

Are conventional doctors truely interested in their patients as people? Not really. They ask piddly little questions that anyone can hear in a nightclub like, “Hey, you’re going to take good care of yourself, won’t you?” but they won’t ask deep questions like, “Do you want to be well?” “Do you want to cure your cancer?” “Do you want to cure your diabetes?”

Conventional doctors are egotistical, so they’re not interested in treating their patients as people. They consider most people as “beneath them,” so they treat them as idiots.

On the other hand, an altruistic doctor who applies Clinical Bioenergetics is completely interested in his patients. He wants to truely educate his patients and help detox them natural therapies rather than prescribe more drugs that only serve to overload the pancreas and other organs.

Strangely enough, Dr. Galitzer is willing to work with conventional medical practitioners. Clinical Bioenergetics can serve as CAM. Even if a patient is on a regimen of drugs, there are homeopathic treatments that help relieve the stress of drugs on our organs.

I’m probably going to offer Clinical Bioenergetics at HealingMindN Power Circle too because it’s that good. Although Dr. Joseph Mercola has many articles covering similar subjects in this manual, the entire guideline that anyone needs is here with a further contact for Dr. Galitzer through International Academy of Modern Bioenergetics.

At HealingMindN Power Circle, I’m going to review an article on psychoneuroimmunology by the National Institutes of Health. The only “cure” they offer in this article is “psychological intervention.” Unfortunately, that’s extremely vague language which stinks of anti-psychotics, neuroleptics and the rest.

If you ask me, Clinical Bioenergetics should be the intervention since most illnesses are due to toxin in our toxin oriented society.

Some of us like to overeat on Christmas. The commandments in the Holy Bible say that’s bad. The commandments in Clinical Bioenergetics say that’s bad because you’re overloading your pancreas if you over indulge, so please. Be good to yourself. Ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” That’s what Christmas is about.

Healing Thoughts, Happy Holidays,


P.S. Most detox foot patches and bathes are a sham; they are snake oil that take advantage of the placebo effect.

Test the “detox” foot patch with a bit of lemon juice or other citric acid. If it turns color, then it’s a sham; this means the chemical in the foot patch is simply interacting with the uric acid in your sweat, so it isn’t “pulling out” any toxins.

Test the “detox” foot bath by running it without your feet in it for the specified time. If the water turns color, then it’s a sham, a simple electroplating reaction that may actually be putting toxins into your system.

Of the natural detox methods out there, the clay bath has been around for 1000’s of years in every culture for a reason; it always works. Please Give it a try. Healing Thoughts.

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