Advancing the Homopolar Generator

Advancing the Homopolar Generator
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Here is the final technology related presentation from the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

What is a Homopolar Generator?

The Homopolar Generator or Faraday Generator was invented in the early 1800’s, the very first generator. An interesting benefit is that you can draw electricity from it without bogging down the prime mover turning it! That means it is essentially a drag free generator, but that version was very inefficient.

Imagine a gasoline generator that can power a thousand watts of bulbs, but the motor just idles because it doesn’t know you’re pulling anything from the generator; this is a drag free generator. Learn more here:

Faraday’s version had a copper disc spinning between a horseshoe magnet, so that the magnet and conductor were moving independently of each other.

First Advances of the Homopolar Generator

In the 1980’s, Bruce DePalma married the conductor and magnet together so they do not move independently of each other.  Amazingly, it still produced electricity.  Conventional science says that should not be happening! He called it the N-Machine.

That means that electricity can be produced simply by spinning a magnet in nothing but pure space. There are no electromagnetic coils, no armatures or anything else that all common generators have. To reiterate, this generator spins nothing more than a disc magnet in open space to generate electricity.

If you put a volt meter on the perimeter of a magnet and at the shaft, there is current and voltage being generated. When you use this electricity, it does NOT drag down whatever is turning the magnet:  A Drag Free Generator.

Others have increased the efficiency of this such as Adam Trombley and Tewari. Trombley’s was so efficient that the U.S. Govt gave him a gag order; they were working on the same thing covertly behind the scenes. What they didn’t realize is that his patent applications were already in circulation in Europe and elsewhere, so the know-how got out!

Murakami Advance of the Homopolar Generator

However that may be, one limiting factor in the Homopolar Generator is that the voltage is usually so low it is useless for most practical purposes; that is where a very simple but effective method comes in that I demonstrated at the conference and it could change everything.

My two inch spinning magnet should only produce about 0.5 volts if I’m lucky, but I can light a neon lamp that needs about 100 volts; that is 200 TIMES THE VOLTAGE compared to what everyone else has been able to show in the last 200 years since Faraday invented this type of generator!!! Learn more here:


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