Hacking the Aether

Hacking the Aether
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Hacking The Aether is a presentation given by Aaron Murakami at the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference and it was one of the most heretical talks ever on the energy sciences.

It has roots in my book The Quantum Key, but Aaron Murakami goes into great depth on many subjects that he did not previously explain. By the way, The Quantum Key is included as a FREE Bonus!

Aether Physics is Taboo Science

Essentially, this presentation debunks virtually every basic law of physics because they’re all rooted in a false premise. That is a bold claim, but once you watch this presentation, you will see a corrected perspective of why this actually is the case.

By the way, Einstein even admits he has no faith in his own Theory of Relativity and you will see this clearly spelled out in this HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE presentation that spells out all the Taboo Physics that mainstream science has been covering up for over a century!

On the Aether, You will learn:

  • There is no such thing as Conservation of Energy
  • There is no such thing as Conservation of Momentum
  • The concepts of Energy and Potential are greatly misunderstood by experts in the field
  • Michelson-Morley never disproved the Aether
  • Energy is and always will be created and destroyed anytime work is being measured
  • Energy does not transform from one form to another
  • Why rotating objects rise higher than can be accounted for in the energy used to lift them
  • Why rotating objects fall faster than the rate of gravitational acceleration
  • Why Newton’s Laws of Motion are NOT Newton’s Laws
  • 5 examples of inertial propulsion devices that violate the Third Law of Motion
  • The corrected First and Third Laws of Motion
  • Energy systems CAN produce more energy than we put in and that is indisputable
  • What gravity and inertia are – not just definitions but what causes them
  • What gravitational attraction is and how it happens
  • and much more…

It was amazing that how many engineers, academics, etc. at the conference told me that they agreed with what I shared and that it can’t be argued with. And it is all presented with no complicated math, no jargon, simple analogies and common sense!

PLUS – I show a simple formula that I discovered that shows that INERTIA IS A FORM OF DIELECTRIC INDUCTION!

Hacking the Aether by Aaron Murakami


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