Which Alternative Energy is Best?

Which Alternative Energy is Best?
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What is happening at BioenergeticSpectrum.com?

Besides internal administrative items like upgrading the malformed HTML to a uniform, mobile friendly format, the biggest problem I face as a single webmaster is dealing with broken links; this is especially true of affiliate links which are supposed to be supporting the site. Fortunately, my strongest affiliation has been with energy oriented research and development.

When I join a related affiliate program, I deeply integrate the links into relevant webpages. For example, at the Essential Nutrients site, I integrated links from related health supplement affiliate programs. When those links become broken, this means the affiliate company cut off their affiliate program for some reason. Fortunately, Therabreath is one of the few affiliates still going strong. Please visit Bad Breath: Stop halitosis in just 45 seconds per day, because a healthy mouth actually lends itself to a healthy body.

Unfortunately, any and all sites get penalized for broken links by Google and probably most other search engines. Therein, the search engine algorithms penalize such sites by causing a lower search “dip” of such sites in their results pages.

Even when my pages are optimized, broken links still cause this “cascade failure” to appeal to search engine algorithms; this failure is likened to those old strings of Christmas Lights that completely stop working because of one “bad bulb.”

Recently I discovered that most FutureTech links are broken or useless as affiliate links because, as I understand from the program developer, they are “upgrading their system…”; this is unfortunate because FutureTech had all kinds of research materials and lab equipment related to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, a scientist of great focus at Rife Ultra Microscope: Bacteria Chronicles, Resonant Frequency Therapy: Building The Rife/Bare Device and Royal Raymond Rife Short Biography. As you might know Dr. Rife was the hardest working scientist of his day who discovered an amazing healing modality.

I communicated with the FutureTech program developer about his affiliate links a few days ago, wherein, he told me he would contact me in a few days about the new program. We’ll see…

Why is A&P eMedia the most important program offered through Bioenergetic Spectrum?

A&P eMedia provides the most current research materials and lab equipment available related to green sustainable, alternative energy technology and frequency driven, energy healing modalities.

When I say “alternative,” I’m NOT talking about wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, or nukes. I’m talking about unconventional sources of power like Back EMF from the Heaviside Layer. I’m talking technology that would completely change the economy because developers and end users would truly be able to invest in life-positive energy that can actually fit anywhere on their property – NOT far and away, life-negative, dark age commodities that only oil cartels prefer to harness.

Our present, conventional wind and solar technologies are a maximum 50% efficiency; this efficiency is not enough for the resources that it takes to build, install, and maintain these systems.

Hydroelectric and geothermal provide up to 75% efficiency depending on their resources, but installation and maintenance of these systems that have a tendency to interfere with nature are too costly to justify this efficiency.

Nuclear fission happens to be 100% efficient and upwards as over unity, but the impossible cost of dealing with radioactive waste products on top of melt downs such as Chernobyl and Fukushima can never justify that efficiency.

As far as I’m concerned, and I don’t care who disagrees with me, the only energy technology the human race should be using:

  1. Is easy to transport,
  2. Works with nature (life-positive),
  3. Is meant to operate with at least 100% efficiency
  4. And, of course, a transportable, over-unity generator should be able to power an entire block of residential homes.

I still recall a market research survey I helped with during the late 1990’s: We asked residents how they felt about distributed generation; the idea of distributed generation was to have separate power sources for entire city blocks to protect homeowners from blackouts from the centralized power grid. This survey went hand in hand with a further survey on a type of generator that converted natural gas to electricity (using a reformer). I don’t recall the efficiency of that generator, but I saw it in a few issues of Popular Science a few years later. Unfortunately, the idea of distributed generation and natural gas reformers never took hold – and here we are in 2018 still clinging to the old, centralized power model.

Why is energy the best place to invest your money before an economic crash?

Sure, we can invest in our own cache of gold or other precious metals which some economists say are the only “real” investment with the coming economic crash, but if electricity goes down, computers go down, delivery trucks stop, and that store owner has something we need, is that store owner more willing to trade his wares for an ingot of gold to put in his safe – or energy to run his store?

Please keep in mind that most, if not all economists, equate energy with a liquid fuel stock that must be collected and refined; they don’t think in terms of energy from the heaviside layer which must also be collected and “refined” through  special manufacturing and fine tuning of machinery and/or circuitry.

What about healing? Most people are interested in medicine with no side effects; that’s why most people question conventional medicine – which causes more problems than it solves – and are turning towards holistic medicine. In an economic crash, how many of your neighbors are interested in bartering for healing using advanced frequency driven technology instead of an ingot of gold? For most people, their health is more important.

For these reasons, A&P eMedia, run by Aaron Murikami, who may be the most productive person on this planet, has the most important research materials for makers / developers. The following are the newest materials from presenting scientists at the 2018 Energy Science Technology Conference in July:

What is the current status of our Electrical Utility System? Are there danger signs in the infrastructure of the centralized power grid?

Eric Dollard’s presentation, History, Theory and Practice of the Electrical Utility System, is 5 HOURS LONG and contains some very disruptive information that should be a serious concern to National Security! This redefines the very definition of what it means to be comprehensive.

Get 25% off of this presentation from the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference with this coupon code: EPD25

There is definitely plenty of history of what preceeded the grid and how it developed over time, but also – how it is being radically sabotaged into something that will actually assist an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) into causing even more damage than can be imagined – and it will be delivered right into YOUR home. This is what Eric Dollard has been wanting to expose for the last few years when he discovered a massive amount of electrical transmission interference in the ground during his telluric experiments.

Is this degredation of the grid intentional or has this been done simply because the art of power engineering has deteriorated to the point of incompetance? It’s up to you to decide, but if you currently do not believe in conspiracy theories, this presentation might just change your mind because the evidence is hiding in plain sight. Just wait until Eric points it out – and it is shocking that it is all around us; this is not an exaggeration.

A portion of the proceeds from this presentation will go to EPD Laboratories, Inc. to help pay off the building to support the work of Eric Dollard so get a copy and encourage your friends to get a copy too.

Get 25% off of this presentation with this coupon code: EPD25

History, Theory and Practice of the Electrical Utility System

Review all of the tech presented at 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference with your own beautiful copy of the 2018 Energy Science Technology Conference Magazine. (Use the Mirror Site if it downloads faster.)

What special properties of Water are unexplored by conventional science?

Look at a few of the profound revelations you will learn in Dr. Gerald Pollack’s presentation from the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – 2 hours and 19 minutes of WOW:

  1. How there is a 4th phase that is different from solid, liquid or vapor.
  2. How water can be separated into two types in one container that can be used as a battery – has already been proven to be able to light an LED – there is no electrolyte in the water or dissimilar metals, it is 100% water in two different forms.
  3. A glimpse at SOLID WATER AT ROOM TEMPERATURE – that’s right, it’s easy to come to an understanding that almost anything anyone thinks they know about water is probably wrong.
  4. How water can desalinate itself as well as separating out other particles.
  5. A discovery showing how water actually flows through capillaries and assists the blood pumping action since the heart is not capable of pumping all of the blood as is commonly thought.
  6. Free water pumping action through a tube at an infinite COP (coefficient of performance) since we provide zero input and any other input comes from external sources.
  7. And much more…

If you want to see true free energy in action, you will see a few examples in addition to other mind-bending discoveries that opens up a whole new frontier!

Get Dr. Pollack’s 4th Phase of Water NOW.

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Do we have Gravity Control Technology that can reduce the weight and control the inertia of objects?

Oppenheimer, Bohm and other fathers of the atomic age personally taught one very brilliant man named Dr. Frederick Alzofon who went on to develop a method to control gravity, which was experimentally proven in 1994. His son David Alzofon agreed to present at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference and it has been an interesting journey ever since.

Read Gravity Control Method now and get your hands on a copy while you can.

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In 1994, Dr. Alzofon experimentally proved that his predictions based on his Unified Field Theory were correct and he was able to reduce the weight of aluminum by 80%!!! We’re talking about someone who was a physicist at Lockheed and Boeing so the quality of the material is not some home-brewed method with a bunch of hype – you’re getting the first ever disclosure that is meant for the general public. The presentation is subtitled “with present technology” because it can be done with equipment that is readily available and is not some far off future fantasy.

If you want to know of a path on controlling gravity, which cancels inertia and opens the door possibly to some unspoken of free energy possibilities, embrace this * RARE * and priceless gift!

Read Gravity Control Method NOW and get your hands on a copy while you can.

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What are the unexplored secrets of magnetism? What facets of magnetism are NOT included by conventional academics and science?

We’re always excited to have first time presenters at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference who have real value to share with the audience and it is an honor to be the first-time platform for so many releases.

Although Ken Wheeler has had his book available online for several years, a video presentation makes is much easier for many people to grasp the concepts who are not technically oriented. He has given a lot of short video presentations on his YouTube channel, but for the first time ever, he gives a comprehensive overview of his work that spans nearly 2 hours!

Here are a few of the many items that Ken touches upon in UNCOVERING THE MISSING SECRETS OF MAGNETISM:

  1. He covers the nature of magnetism, which you will never find in a text book because largely, the academic world has no idea what magnetism is and they even admit it.
  2. He goes into the various geometries related to the various aspects of magnetism.
  3. The difference between small and large magnetic fields and why many people are disappointed when they learn the difference.
  4. The results from many of his own experiments using magnets on seeds, etc.
  5. Some vocabulary that on the surface appears to be simply jargon, but you will learn that certain words are used very specifically to make important distinctions.
  6. How to build the advanced ferro-fluid cells, which are invented by his associates. This is perhaps the first ever open disclosure on this method.
  7. How he used some of these methods for a very specific type of blood analysis.
  8. and much more…


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What method do we use to know the efficiency of a power generator or any energy system?

Jim Murray is a legend in the field of Tesla and the Free Energy sciences. He has demonstrated some of the highest COP (level of overunity) systems that have been ever demonstrated to the public such as the SERPS demo he showed with Paul Babcock that produced 50 times more more than the net loss from the input power supply. When he shares something, it is because he feels it is important to know and this is the first time he has ever presented on this subject.

Learn more about Segregated Load Analysis

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The reason this presentation is so important is because it teaches you the EXACT method that Jim has developed over many years to accurately know what the real efficiency of the system is. Did you know you could very well have overunity even with a low efficiency system!? Read that last sentence and ask yourself if that matches what the common belief is. If you don’t know how that can be true, then this presentation is mandatory because you’re probably using the wrong set of rules to understand what your machines or other energy devices are producing.

An important distinction that is necessary to understand is that there is a difference between conversion efficiency vs. system efficiency. It is also important and useful to understand the historical developments of how the ideas of calculating efficiencies took a wrong turn and is no wonder why most engineers have no idea how to accurately measure what is going on.

Learn more about Segregated Load Analysis

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Review all of the tech presented at 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference with your own beautiful copy of the 2018 Energy Science Technology Conference Magazine. (Use the Mirror Site if it downloads faster.)

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