Freedom, Democracy, and Renewable Energy Futures: Part 1

Freedom, Democracy, and Renewable Energy Futures: Part 1
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I’m all about freedom and democracy; this includes freedom of the way I use energy and how much I use. If I want to use enough energy to light a Monster of a Christmas Tree, then I feel I should be allowed to do that. Of course, that kind of activity would enslave my bank account to the centralized power companies – unless, I generate my own power.

My only real course of action, if I want to have complete freedom, is to be energy independent. At this moment, I don’t have the resources to do that. In fact, I recently hooked up with this energy (smart meter) monitoring company, “Ohm Connect,” to help me save energy; this company asks its customers to hook up smart outlets or shut off our power at designated times for one or two hours a week.

I (or should I say my household) failed miserably. We couldn’t step outside of our regular energy use routines, mainly during prime time when we want to watch TV. On one hand, it makes sense to want to save money, but, as I understand from the PG&E, our particular supplier is completely green. “Ohm Connect” talks about “cutting down on pollution” during those shut off hours, but that doesn’t apply to me – I’m green according to the PG&E.

Besides that, I feel like I’m taking a giant step backwards when I cut off my electricity. I feel like something has gone wrong and needs fixing. Do you feel free when your electricity has been cut off? The only time time I feel free without electricity is when I’m exercising, but when I’m exercising during prime time, I want to watch TV!

To me, lack of energy is the opposite of freedom. We should all be in a place wherein we are energy independent, wherein, we shouldn’t have to depend on centralized power companies. We shouldn’t have to depend on fragile infrastructures that must be turned off for “safety concerns.” We SHOULD be able to depend on rock solid, green power generation technology that provides for our needs no matter what disaster might hit – and it should belong to US.

What is the future of Independent Power Generation?

Whoever tells us there are simple solutions to complex problems are lying. Simple problems only need simple solutions. Complex problems require complex solutions. The subject of power generation is no exception. Depending on centralized power is complicated. Plugging into and maintaining our own alternative energy resource is even more complicated.

The centralized power companies like it this way because they know most people prefer the lesser of two pains. On the other hand, they prefer an infrastructure wherein they have complete control. Makes sense. Doesn’t it? In a dictatorship, the dictators want complete control over the populace. In order to ensure that control, they install “monitors.” In the case of Nazi Germany, there were “whistle blowers.” In the case of the PG&E, there are “smart meters.”

If you want to be energy independent, then you would be considered an “energy anarchist” by the centralized power companies, energy cartels, and their academic lackeys. Like Nazi Germany, they would prefer to indoctrinate people away from learning the entire truth and thinking independently. In your case, they would prefer that you depend on them rather than possess “impossible” overunity energy technology.

For this reason, they have been inserting propaganda across the web against that which they classify as “perpetual motion devices.” In what should be objective, independent sources of information such as the Laws of Thermodynamics at Wikipedia, we are, instead, finding propaganda against a concept of over unity energy generation. We didn’t ask for such nay saying, but we get it anyway.

Why should we make observations from different perspectives?

“Observation is a very important part of science.” One of the premises of good scientific approach which I learned from my physics teachers is to be able to observe “laws” and “rules” in action from differing perspectives. For example, if we can observe a thermodynamic law in action, then we should also be able to observe the converse of that law in action; that means the converse, or counterpart, should also be true. In essence, there are two parts to every equation – simple concept for some, complex for others.

Daniel Dodge’s, “Paraphrasing the Second Law of Thermodynamics,” provides an excellent example of converse observations. The writing is about human nature, but is just as easily applied anywhere else in nature. If anyone tells you that humans are not part of nature, then they are lying to you. The “answer key,” by its nature, must refer to a system of order, wherein, a natural or resonant system, is never isolated from its environment.

Upon understanding the open, converse nature of the Laws of Thermodynamics, we can observe that NO laws are being broken by over unity energy technology. Further, when we satisfy the converse of the first law, then we can satisfy the second, then the third.

The First Law of Thermodynamics refers to isolated, closed systems. The converse, by nature, refers to open systems which MUST be part of a further, resonant infrastructure in order to operate. I re-iterate: In order for an open, energy generating system to function properly or “live,” it must cooperate with a resonant infrastructure or be part of an “answer key.” In the case of researcher, Paul Babcock, the “answer key” is provided by primordial, universal energy. The following is a review of his discoveries:

Aether Weirdness – It’s about Time! Magic Batteries and Other Observations

Paul Babcock is now dedicated to open-sourcing his life’s work in the electrical sciences. He wants to empower the masses with some very profound information that took millions of dollars to learn.

This presentation demonstrates extra-ordinary phenomena relating to over unity effects. Paul actually shows you the specific wave forms his circuits created when demonstrating over unity. This has never been disclosed to the public before – until now.

A lot of information relating to over unity principles have made it out to the public, but in Paul’s opinion, it hasn’t really taken root yet in any substantial way. (Let’s face it: How many people care about ANY concepts of energy as long as the electricity keeps flowing to their toys?) Many over unity effects are also like ghosts wherein they come and go unpredictably (like the wind) so how can we pin it down?

Etheric Energy is as “dependable” as Wind and Solar Energy

There is definitely some kind of “aether weather” that influences the machines with its own rhythms wherein the over unity ebbs and flows. How do we reconcile all of this with conventional physics, which only teaches us one side of the Laws of Thermodynamics? In reality, this is no different than weather which affects solar panels and windmills. If we can capture that energy and store it in a battery, then that’s a start.

Among the manifestations of universal primordial energy are heat, light, and mechanical energy. True, our own cultural perceptions limit our abilities to objectively sense the this “immeasurable” universal energy transforming into that which we do know. On the other hand, since we have instruments that can measure what we do know, we need only understand the nature of aetheric energy. Paul Babcock helps us with that.

Why is universal energy derided and disregarded?

Conventional scientists prefer the “Occam’s Razor” of energy production – which is from closed systems that eventually decay, ergo, conferring to their one sided perspective of the Law of Thermodynamics; no “answer key” is provided except for their one-sided engineering corrections. They consider the concept of energy input and transformation from the universal aether as imaginary by conventional scientists because they never bothered with working with nature using an open system.

Ancient practices in “breath training” teach us that universal “Qi, Vril, Prana” and the like is alive and intelligent. Although, we can learn QiGong and tune in, subjectively, to “Universal Energy,” conventional scientists tell us we are imagining things if we feel anything beyond the energy of decay (heat, infrasonics, etc). To them the universe is not alive, intelligent, or orderly in any way. To the pessimists, atheists, and mechanists, we are nothing more than “accidents” in an “accidental universe.”

We are all used to solving problems in certain ways; energy production is no exception. The difference is we must begin with the basic premise that the universe provides an order or an “answer key” that allows us to work with it, therefore, we should work WITH it using an open system.

Present day analog equipment CAN capture primordial energy transformation, but we MUST understand the many manifestations from aether (energy of creation) to electromagnetic radiation (energy of decay). The Michaelson-Morley Experiment was one of the first attempts to understand the universal aether. Their experiment had a goal: To prove whether or not the universal aether is electromagnetic in nature. Laymen journalists misinterpreted the results – then academia followed. Since that early experiment, there have been many attempts at, not only understanding, but harnessing the processes of ever transforming universal energy.

It is important to understand that there are many commonalities throughout many machines that are over unity. In other words, they output more work than is required for us to input into them. Researcher, Paul Babcock, spells these out in no uncertain terms as you see in the video preview:

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Why is there an Air Gap in a Paul Babcock’s Circuits?

The air has important magnetic properties which is the secret to many over unity machines. Paul Babcock walks us through many details specifically related to this. Ed Gray, John Bedini and others used these principles that apply to the air and its interesting qualities. This specific information is worth its weight in gold even if this is the only thing you get from this presentation.

Paul will also cover some aspects to Dr. Harold Aspden’s work. This work overturns Einstein’s Relativity as commonly understood as does the work of other forward-thinking scientists. What is so important about Dr. Aspden’s work is that it is using nothing more than relatively simple algebra that describes, time, space and other concepts in simple ways that makes them make sense in a very practical way.

Space itself has “energetic” properties and this is a huge part of the picture that everyone should understand so their foundation has meaning when it comes to the “free energy” sciences.

Phase Switching between Magnetic and Electric

Something else that is important besides air gaps and energetic properties of space is phase switching – going from electric to magnetic and back to electric. Again, it is necessary to restate the importance that these are commonalities that exist across many over unity machines.

Tesla was known for the ideas of separating the so-called electrons from the radiant energy component of electricity and Paul covers this as well. This presentation is simple enough that most people can understand the concepts even without a background in electrical engineering.

Anomalous Chronological Effects in Batteries

The aforementioned switching methods elicits anomalous time effects in batteries, hence the subtitle to this presentation, “It’s About Time;” it has more than one meaning. Twenty years ago, John Bedini said that the capacitors were receiving a TIME charge, but many people didn’t not understand how literal that was. Paul will be going into these concepts from his perspective, which carries a lot of weight. He’s done it with his own builds and he has seen others do it too.

Paul covers his experience with John Bedini’s “Glass Case Motor” and how batteries that were so dead they were corroding away – yet they ran the motor, produced mechanical work, lit LEDs and charged themselves up!

Ed Gray’s motor technology exploited some of these effects. Paul shows us the wave forms demonstrating the over unity in these circuits. His inverters showed 106% and his other circuits showed higher such as in his lighting circuits.

And, you will learn how there can be over unity when measuring less than 100%. Much of this comes from Jim Murray’s teachings of how to correctly account for everything happening in a system and when you understand this, you may realize that you too may have acheived over unity but were never able to realize it. This information is very important because most people do not properly account for all the input, output and losses. It’s all about distinctions and this will be spelled out for you.

If you’re serious about over unity and achieving it, this is a must-have presentation that is sure to open your eyes.

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PAUL BABCOCK – Aether Weirdness – It’s About Time. Magic Batteries and Other Observations

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