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What are mainstream and esoteric definitions of bioenergetics?

The term "Bioenergetics" is used these days with so much bravado, that I thought it important to understand the Living Spectrum to which this term applies. Afterall, this site examines the entire bioenergetic spectrum of influence. Therefore, I've done a little research.

In fact, we have a philosophy here that mind and body should be treated with the same respect: Regular physical exertion helps us build new cellular matter while expelling the old. A sedentary, malnourished body works against health by inviting disease due to poor circulation and wholesale biological inability to cope with adverse situations. This is also true of the mind.

A dynamic mind learns new, useful information while letting go of old, useless information. A sedentary, malnourished mind works against health by inviting disease due to poor, useless information leading to wholesale psychological inability to cope with adverse situations, so they need to consult their mainstream health professionals for drugs and surgery. The latter situation is necessary to perpetuate the mainstream system.

Here we examine how Bioenergetic Spectrum compares to a representative sample of other sites according to our philosophy to see where it stands.

Col. Tom Bearden's site belongs to actual scientists, therefore, it is a reference point for understanding the proper applications of bioenergetics since he has experience in the real world applications within the context of bioresonant energy. First let's look at few definitions from his site:

Russian energetics is largely still a "secret" science, developed over the last five decades and highly weaponized. In the Russian scheme the overall area is called energetics. It consists of three subsets:

  1. energetics, which applies to nonliving systems,
  2. bioenergetics, which applies to the physical bodies, cells, chemistry, genetics, etc. of living organisms, and
  3. psychoenergetics, which applies directly to the minds, personalities, memories, emotions, and perceptions of living systems. Russian energetics research, development, weapons, and weapon sites are under the rigid control and operation of the KGB, by whatever name it may use from time to time. The energetics weapons are not in the regular Russian armed forces. Energetics weapons have been tested worldwide for several decades, and this testing has been documented elsewhere by the present author...

Here I confess I took a big hint from the "secret weapons" work of the former Soviet Union (actually the KGB, since those weapons were never in the regular Russian forces, but always under rigorous KGB control, including R&D, production, deployment, and employment.

Those weapon scientists resurrected an old term from the history of electrodynamics, called "energetics." That is their approach to a unified field theory, where everything is based on "energetics." This model as its foundations uses a very similar approach to that "single fundamental unit" model, where energy is the unit. If one makes the energy EM in nature, then one has the Russian energetics approach. This unified approach gathers everything in, including all energy actions and relations in inert matter (the first branch of energetics, called by the same name), all field and matter interactions in living matter (the second branch of energetics, called "bioenergetics,") and all mind operations and mind-matter interactions (the third branch of energetics, called "psychoenergetics")...

The Russians call their special weapons program, and the physics behind it, energetics. They divide energetics into three branches, depending upon what is targeted. Targeted against ordinary physical matter, ordinary fields and potentials, etc., that branch uses the same name: energetics. Targeted against living bodies, nervous systems, fields and potentials in the body (biofields and biopotentials), that branch is called bioenergetics. Targeted against the mind and the mind-body coupling, that branch is called psychoenergetics...

Since the Russian scientists resurrected an old term for use within the context of their weapons systems, it's safe to say that "bioenergetics" is a wide umbrella covering sciences from clandestine to mainstream. Here we examine the more mainstream applications of this term.

According to my research there are three categories of thought patterns concerning this term: Good interpretations, Loose interpretations, and New Age Buzz Word to be presented in this order. No one on the web is wrong (yet) in their interpretation because they all concern the human body which is bioenergetic in nature.

What are "Good" Interpretations of Bioenergetics?

These interpretations refer directly to energy exchange and transformation within living tissues at the electrical, photonic, scalar, and electromagnetic levels and how this energy affects us as human beings. Bioenergy exchange can be life positive of life negative as researched at There are a number of excellent sites that are putting bioenergetic healing devices into the mainstream such as Future Tech and Altered States and others that are simply informative. Here are some examples:

What is Internal Energy?
Bioenergetics is the study of energy relationships of living organisms. Biodynamics deals with the energy utilization and the activities of organisms...

Bioenergetics is a complementary therapy that involves psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, and gentle touch to relieve muscle tension. The term "bioenergetic" is sometimes used in describing other types of complementary therapies that do not use the techniques described here. It is also used by scientists to talk about cellular energy...

Supporters of bioenergetics believe the body "records" negative emotional reactions and stores them in the form of muscle tension and stiffness, poor posture, and low energy levels...

This therapy relies on the idea that a "life force" flows through the human body and mind. If the flow is interrupted, it can result in illness. Therapies aim to unblock the flow of life energy, relieving tension and bringing emotional release. Practitioners claim success with anxiety and depression and with those affected by Down's syndrome and autism...

Crystal photon field: Stimulating biological processes
Goodman and Henderson have demonstrated the changes in transcription and translation stages of protein synthesis following exposure to weak emfs (see Goodman, R.; Henderson, A. S., "Transcription and translation in cells exposed to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields," Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics, 1991; 25: 335-355). Adey has proposed that weak emfs, initially considered too weak to interact with biomolecular systems, can interact at the cell surface...

Stimulating biological processes by placing a subject within the crystal photon field created by the device.
A method and device for stimulating biological processes having a source of radiation disposed adjacent to a substantially ungrounded crystal. The device provides a structure for supporting a substantially ungrounded crystal adjacent to a source of radiation such that a crystal photon field is generated about the device. The invention also includes a method of stimulating biological processes by placing a subject within the crystal photon field created by the device...

Adey indicated that there is increasing evidence that these events at the cell surface "relate to quantum states and resonant responses in biomolecular systems, and not to equilibrium thermodynamics associated with thermal energy exchanges and tissue heating" (see Adey, W. R., "Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields," Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 1993; 51: 410-416)...

The Body Electric
Develop an index of resources (studies, sites, news articles) pertaining to human health from a perspective of interactions with externally applied electro-magnetic stimuli, either as a matter of intentional modalities or environmentally-imposed factors...

The above is one of the most comprehensive collection of links to mainstream bioenergetic healing devices that I have ever seen (mainly due to the site visitors - I have to get my own wiki). Future Tech and Altered States offer a one stop shop for most of these mainstream and esoteric healing devices.

Biochemistry and biotechnology in the form of essential nutrition and drugs, respectively, also affect energy exchange and transformation, but only at the molecular/DNA level. They are still good interpretations when referring to molecular transformations due to bioenergetics like ADP and ATP, albeit, they are slightly loose since they leave out important steps at the cellular level directly related to bioenergy rather than biochemistry such as mitogenic radiation and biophotonics. Here are a few examples:

Phosphorylation of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase Is Not Essential for High Photosynthetic Rates in the C4 Species Flaveria bidentis1,..

Neurobiology of Disease
A failure of mitochondrial bioenergetics has been shown to be closely associated with the onset of apoptotic and necrotic neuronal injury. Here, we developed an automated computational model that interprets the single-cell fluorescence for tetramethylrhodamine methyl ester (TMRM) as a consequence of changes in either {Delta}{Psi}m or {Delta}{Psi}pp, thus allowing for the characterization of responses for populations of single cells and subsequent statistical analysis...

Commentary on Richard Dawkins Part 4 - The bioenergetics perspective
This Professor of mine is more of a physiologist rather than an evolutionary biologist. However, I find his academic opinion interesting and refreshing nonetheless. He has a penchant for viewing the topic from the standpoint of bioenergetics. The copying of genes via the process of DNA synthesis and even the transcription of genes is energetically expensive...

Quantifying Changes in Cellular Energetics
The XF24 can simultaneously determine both the oxidative and glycolytic components of cellular bioenergetics in response to metabolic pathway inhibitors (Figure 1B). Untreated A549 cells show a normal basal level of oxidative and glycolytic metabolism. When exposed for 10 minutes to 100 mM of the glycolysis inhibitor 2-deoxyglucose, the cells shift to an almost exclusive oxidative metabolism. Conversely, when incubated for 30 minutes in 1�M of the Complex I inhibitor, rotenone, the cells shift to glycolytic energy production. Lastly, incubation with both 2-DG and rotenone results in a precipitous drop in activity for both energy yielding pathways...

What are Loose Interpretations of Bioenergetics?

These "definitions" could have been more focused. Loose interpretations happen when someone wants to make a sales pitch - especially for large corporations, so the interpretations are more "buzzy" with "power words" just to influence their market:

The city already is home to more than three dozen mostly small biotech firms, including Agada Pharmaceuticals Inc., started as Newellink Inc. in 2002 by Karen Newell. She is scientific director of the Institute of Bioenergetics at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs...

We try to identify and target the energy sources of cancer cells and leave normal cells alone, Newell said. We are not a pharmaceutical company that is developing a cure for cancer. We are a biotherapeutic company focused on treatments for cancer.

Newell's research and the compounds she has developed could be the kind of breakthrough technology that is truly revolutionary, said Maurice Gaubatz, president of Springs-based Pyxant Labs Inc., which tests drugs being developed by pharmaceutical companies...

Institue of Biotechnology is far more correct in the arena of drugs. Newell's research is "truly revolutionary" for drug companies since she provides a new avenue for them to make more money. Newell already states that she is only developing "treatments." What are the "treatments" for? They keep the big pharma in the green while preying on human frailties. Nothing but sales pitch here.

Bioenergetics may refer to:

    In biology:
  1. Biological thermodynamics, the study of energy transformation

  2. In psychology:
  3. Bioenergetic analysis, a type of body-oriented psychotherapy based on hypothetical energy flows...

That second interpretation was not researched enough; it would be better to say "psychoenergetics" or "energy psychology" such as emotional freedom techniques.

The deadly deviousness of the cancer cell, or how dichloroacetate (DCA) might fail

It is not my purpose today to rehash all of this or to rail yet again against the dubious marketing of a "cure" that hasn't even been shown to be a cure yet. I'm more interested in discussing an interesting bit of science related to DCA and the whole concept that altered bioenergetics are important to the development of cancer...

The above is one of many sad sites looking for a panacea to cancer which is a highly individual disease. Bioenergetics is only mentioned in passing, but DCA is the main focus. Key disciplines within bioenergetics such as energy oriented bioresonance, biodynamic harmonics, and sympathetic radionics provide the answers which this article only mentions in passing.

How "Bioenergetic" is used as a New Age Buzz Word

New age counselors and therapists like to use buzz words. If it sounds good, they use it. Sometimes they will make up their own buzz words to give their business a unique selling point. In fact, this is another form of loose interpretation, but it's "fluff" oriented rather than greed oriented:

Bioenergetic Therapy Exercises
Health & Fitness - The discipline of bioenergetics is also called as Bioenergetic Medicine, Bioenergetic Analysis and Bioenergetic Therapy. This is a balancing therapy that involves a huge number of other therapies such as psychotherapy, relaxation techniques and mild contact to relieve muscle stress...

Bioenergetic Breathing
Health & Fitness - Bioenergetics is the field of science which involves physical exercise, breathing techniques and verbal psychotherapy for curing the problems of the patients. Breathing is an effective tool for the stimulation of personal growth...

Netscape has more of these "definitions." As of late this web engine has too much buzz and too little content, but these interpretations go in the right direction. The following is such an embarrasing interpretation that I did not bother citing the source:

Bioenergetic analysis
This article is about the body-oriented psychotherapy. For the biological study of energy transformation known as bioenergetics, see Biological thermodynamics...

In therapy groups, the most common application of bioenergetics is in exercises such as beating a pile of mattresses with a tennis racquet or the fists, or lying on the back on a mattress kicking and yelling...

I would not be surprised if some mainstream psychologist decided to "buzz" this craziness. We can also say that during dinner the most common application of bioenergetics is eating. I bet that You can come up with all sorts of common applications too - and you don't need a phD.

Biobytes: Diana Guest
..a therapist practicing bioenergetics, a form of psychotherapy that combines work with the body and mind to help people resolve their emotional problems and discover joy...

Abstract painter reveals more of herself in show at Albuquerque's Artspace
An Albuquerque resident since 1984, she continues to produce progressive artwork in her lofty Downtown studio. She's also a yoga practitioner and teacher, an accomplished cook, a woman who loves to hike in the mountains and walk her spunky Cairn terrier Rumi, a woman who knows bioenergetics and acupuncture...

If such language symbol as "energy" allows for substitution for the symbol of "ether," then such wide-spread notion as "bioenergetics" may empirically be widened and in this case it comes out that bioenergetics entities or, it may be said, bio-ether creatures serves the basis for seeing by the believers. Fast and prayer promote shifting of perception...

The latest issue of Nova includes a fascinating book review of A Healing Initiation: Recognise the Healer Within by Melissa Hocking.

She prefers to be known as a facilitator of a modality called Quantum BioEnergetics, a hands-off process where she acts as a physical conduit for frequencies that allow a person to heal themselves.

Bioenergetics is a combination of physical and psychological techniques used to release constrictions in the energy flow of the body. Because psychological defenses are anchored in the body, special attention is given to the muscular patterns inhibiting self-expression. Developed from the work of Wilheim Reich and refined by his pupil Alexander Lowen, this technique uses physical exercises, deep breathing, and massage to permit the body to give up its need to armor itself...

Once these new age people latch onto a buzz word, they tend to apply it indescriminately. Not that this interpretation is wrong, but I'm pretty sure that after all of my extensive research of Reich's work that he specifically coined the term "biotherapy" for the above description. Yes, biotherapy falls under the bioenergetics umbrella, but let's try to focus, people. Don't use a word just because it has a better "buzz" to it.

Where does this site fit in all of the web? Although I've brought many interpretations here, we are focusing on mainstream applications of equipment with esoteric understandings of life itself. This information is "esoteric" at the moment since mainstream media and the drug pushers for big pharma are more interested in dumbing down western society rather than educating you for maintaining your health.

You're here because you know that you are part of vibrant universe which is very much alive on many energetic levels. You have a desire to get healthy and stay healthy with energy oriented therapies. Your desire brought you here, so you can stay above the dumbed-down mediocrity and the life-negative mainstream.

Of course, we have yet to mention specialised sciences such as psychotronics which is quite an umbrella in itself which falls under psychoenergetics.

This site is being updated for mobile technology. Stay Tuned for more updated pages...

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