Genetic Defects and Project HAARP

Genetic Defects and Project HAARP

What is the purpose of Project HAARP?

  1. What is the HAARP Project Concept?
  2. Could HAARP Possibly be used for Mind Control?
  3. How are Atmospheric Harmonics created by HAARP related to Mind Control?
  4. Can HAARP be used for Genetic Engineering?
  5. What technology is there that provides proof of concept for Project HAARP?
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What is the HAARP Project Concept?

The essential concept of project HAARP, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project has been fictionalized and avoided by mainstream media and academia. The following exerpt was taken from The Montauk Project appendix entitled, "A Scientific Analysis of the Radiosonde1."

Project HAARP under Alaskan Aurora
Project HAARP under Alaskan Aurora

The whole idea of a particle accelerator is that you are getting a unit of electromagnetic energy to continually increase its velocity. As the particles are converted to the speed of light, vast amounts of energy are released. In the particular case of our planet, a nitrogen atom is best for interacting with the atmosphere because it's about 80% nitrogen.

There are about 24 to 36 of these sites all around the planet.  Each one of them shoots (beams) up to a series of small satellites that are referred to as popcorn satellites.  This is all part of the Strategic Defense Initiative (more commonly known as S.D.I. or Star Wars).  These beams bounce around a network of satellites all around the planet.  Some of the satellites multiply the beams while some of them combine the beams. By controlling the positioning and orientation of the satellites, the military can direct a combined beam anywhere on the planet.  They can also defocus it to where it is essentially a particle wave.

The 1080 Mhz transmissions are high enough in frequency so that if the antennas being employed to detect them are highly directional, we should be able to pin point areas in the sky where the satellites are at a given time.  This enigma has been that no matter where we point the antenna in the sky, we get a signal that is of uniform strength.

Could HAARP Possibly be used for Mind Control?

Nikola Tesla on Geophysical Resonance and Mind Control
Nikola Tesla on Geophysical Resonance and Mind Control

Dr. Nicholas Begich has published information about a project known as HAARP which stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. 

This is commonly known as a weather control project, but Dr. Begich has picked up 435 Mhz signals connected to HAARP, so this indicates that a mind control function is being employed. (Psychotronics utilize sweep rates in the 400 Mhz to 450 Mhz region).

There is a theory that a hypothetical nonlinear function that will translate one frequency to another frequency. This may be exactly what is happening with project HAARP.  High frequency signals developed through project HAARP are designed to ionize the energy in the upper atmosphere which consists, primarily, of nitrogen.  The ionized nitrogen (N2+) then acts as a translator that will literally convert the 435 Mhz particle beam transmission into one of 1080 Mhz.  This is a rather ingenious development because it bypasses the need for satellites.

How are Atmospheric Harmonics created by HAARP related to Mind Control?

1080 Mhz is approximately 2.7 times the 435 Mhz signal.  This is not far off at all.  If we consider that 400 to 450 Mhz is the window to the human consciousness, we can divide 1080 Mhz by 2.7 and arrive at 400 Mhz.  The ratio of 2.7 is a direct hit.

2.77 is the ratio of nitrogen to air with regard to the Earth's atmosphere.  In scientific terms,this would be stated:

Matm / MN2 = 2.77
[i.e. 5.1480 x 1018 kgatm / 1.8585 x 1018 kgN2 = 2.77]

In other words, if you divide the (total) mass of the atmosphere by the (total) mass of nitrogen, we will arrive at 2.77.  This information was the initial clue that there was a relationship between nitrogen and the 435 Mhz transmissions.  We are most likely dealing with a nitrogen particle beam.  The above information about HAARP finally explained what was going on.

There is also a side effect where the particle beams annihilate each other.  When the nitrogen and anti-nitrogen collide, the element of xenon is released. A couple of radionics tests done on people who have been targeted by the 1080 Mhz signal indicated they had a high degree of nitrogen and xenon in their systems.  Such symptoms are like a nitrogen narcosis, more commonly known as "the bends."

Can HAARP be used for Genetic Engineering?

The particle beam system can also be used in genetic engineering.  The sub harmonic of the DNA helix is 1100 Mhz.  There is some Canadian literature which indicates that creating a certain frequency with a xenon lamp creates a thought form that is healing and regenerative-which implies a bioresonant nature.

Please examine related literature on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's bioresonant plasma wave healing technology. The xenon lamp probably takes advantage of higher gauge symmetries in the same way as Antoine Prioré's Healing Technology. In relation to electromagnetic wave translation, please have a look at the Prioré Machine, U.S. patent #3368155.)

The theory is that one can literally do genetic engineering by using the 1100 Mhz frequency to resonate with the DNA and thereby open and close it.  The annihilation of particles (from the particle accelerator) releases a pattern which controls the way DNA will reassemble itself.

How can Project HAARP Affect Our DNA?
How can Project HAARP Affect Our DNA?

The xenon gas effect would be used to regenerate the new DNA, but the entire satellite network beamed at the entire Earth's population could genetically destroy the human race.  One degenerative genetic effect may be the damage in the myelin sheathing of Multiple Sclerosis.  This may be why we have suddenly seen MS appear all over the country.  MS has reportedly increased at least 100 fold since 1991.

All of this means that the entire Star Wars System could be used to attack our immune systems and mental well being.  We already know that 400-450 Mhz is the window frequency to the human consciousness.  435 Mhz is the specific frequency related to the appearance of UFOs. (And who is to say exactly what UFOs are unless they are examined closely?)  435 Mhz also manifests from the MilkyWay and is thought to be the background frequency of our reality.  The Star Wars System, at least part of it, transmits a signal between 1000Mhz and 1200 Mhz that is derived from a nitrogen based particle beam.  This signal is a multiplication of 435 Mhz, our reality's background frequency.

4 base pairs of DNA; N = Nitrogen
4 base pairs of DNA; N = Nitrogen

The signals surveyed from the S.D.I. Network are all between 1080 Mhz (2.7 times 400 Mhz) and 1124 Mhz (2.7 times 416 Mhz) and it is the frequency of 1100 Mhz which is supposed to be the window to the human DNA, approximately 1000 to 1200 Mhz sweeprates.  A further corroboration of this theory is easy to recognize if we realize that the molecular structure of proteins contain nitrogen as a primary ingredient, so the nitrogen to air ratio makes even more sense.  The appearance of nitrogen in proteins does not contradict the fact that life is carbon based.  As life evolves into higher order forms, it develops proteins which consist of nitrogen.

Genetic programming suggests something far beyond the prospect of biological warfare; it includes the possibility of scrambling or rearranging our DNA.

What technology is there that provides proof of concept for Project HAARP?

The following addendum was inspired by my nephew, Charles Richard Hill III, who died an untimely death in 2005. Brilliant in his own right, we would have discussions on this subject. Thereupon, he discovered and showed me a weapon that has been employed by the federal government since the 1990's. This weapon was on the consumer market until the early 2000's when it was removed by the fed.

Perhaps, some of you remember seeing a self defense device on the market known as the "Pulse Wave Myotron." This device employs the science of emulating brain wave forms and generating closely correlated frequencies as the single most important factor governing pulse wave performance. This is because artificially generated pulse waves are carried by microvolt and nanovolt impulses driven by fractions of an ampere.

Therefore efficiency may only be achieved by producing artificial elliptical wave forms which very closely emulates the elliptical wave forms of the brain. The elliptical pulse wave form provides for a much longer "off" time than "on" time which means these devices are not delivering uninterrupted current to the target. The same and more complex wave functions are easily output from a computer controlled "high frequency, active auroral" array like project HAARP.

Moreover, closely emulating the pulse wave form of the human brain is extremely challenging in an electro-mechanical device and requires an intricate understanding of elliptical (lissajou) pulse wave forms and the marriage of many complex components.

Consequently, relatively low frequencies which are far removed from the autonomic frequencies controlling the vital respiratory and cardiac systems, when combined with the intermittent current flow driven by a fractional of an ampere, means these devices will typically average less than 20,000 microns of one newton or a fraction of one joule of applied energy. For this reason, pulse wave generators of this nature such as the Pulse Wave Myotron cannot cause injury or become lethal in any application - BUT it can be used to stun a victim for ignominious purposes - same as a "date rape" drug.

By the same token some people will argue that project HAARP does not put out nearly enough power to "hurt" large populations, yet when we examine an intermittent eliptical wave device such as the myotron we see that only a small amount of power is necessary for "short circuiting" nerve impulses in the voluntary nervous system or even inducing an emotional response.

Utilizing the correct harmonics, the atmosphere can be used as a carrier or as a repeater instead of physical antennas for these wave functions in order to affect large areas, with the added bonus of translation to effect bioenergetic harmonics. Even if the proprietors of project HAARP choose not to utilize the SDI satellite network as repeaters, they still have atmospheric resonance as a carrier...

Addendum: References and Related Information

  1. 1A Scientific Analysis of the Radiosonde; The Montauk Project; Peter Moon, Preston Nichols; Sky Books.

  2. Is it possible that the Haitian earthquake of 12 January 2010 was caused by scalar wave interferometry or ELF? Why would anyone do this on purpose? Was it an accidental or ignominious use of HAARP technology? Please see the following video: Haiti EarthQuake H.A.A.R.P 2010.

  3. EARTHLIGHT Homepage (H.A.A.R.P.) - The U.S. H.A.A.R.P. project in Alaska is reviewed here. The experiment with high intensity radio waves aimed at the ionosphere has all the makings of a major cover-up by the defense agencies of the U.S. and a real potential for disaster for the general population of our planet. The internet underground exposed this and shows what a powerful tool the net has become in exposing "secret" activities.

  4. Alaska's HAARP Propaganda Educational Site

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