Ley Lines, Cancer, and Earth Grid Studies

Spiritual Journey is Healing

With Studies on Ley Lines and the Grid Shift by Dee Finney

  1. Connection between Ley Lines and Cancer
  2. Source of Ley Lines and How to Avoid
  3. Rules for Living Around Ley Lines
  4. Research on Geophysical and Electromagnetic Vortices-- by Dee Finney
  5. Related Vulcanology Phenomena
  6. ..Phylogeny of the Acupuncture Meridians
  7. References
  8. Comment on this Article

What is the Connection between Ley Lines and Cancer?

Ley lines are the `luo` of the planetary grid system which serves as `enery meridians`
Ley lines are the `luo` of the planetary grid system which serves as `enery meridians`

The interest in ley lines originated around the 1930's in Europe, mainly Germany and France, in some cities that were small enough for their whole population to be treated by only one or two medical practitioners. Some physicians were struck by the fact that, in certain houses, cancer cases arose with unusual frequency.

The family doctor would treat the grandmother for cancer. The grandmother would die. Five years later, the doctor would see her daughter come in with the very same cancer. In the meantime, the daughter would have taken over the grandmother's bed. Or a woman would bring her husband in with cancer. The husband would die. The woman would remarry and a few years later the new husband, sleeping in the same bed and at the same place, would get exactly the same cancer as the first one...

Several similar cases triggered the curiosity of the physicians, who decided to seek the help of professional dowsers

The result was the discovery of lines of so-called harmful 'earth rays' or ley lines. As no rays have ever been identified in relation to these lines we will avoid the misleading term, 'earth ray line' and refer to them more simply as 'earth lines.'

The intensity of the lines varies from one place to another. The essential fact is that, whenever the dowsers investigated the house of a cancer patient, they would systematically find earth lines of noxious intensity, either where the patient's bed was, or in a place where he/she would spend a lot of time such as a desk.

A kind of battle ensued for a few decades in Germany, in which many respectable medical authorities tried to disprove the whole theory. Studies were conducted on thousands of cases - sometimes as many as thirty or fifty thousand cancer patients. Each time the results were so overwhelmingly in favour of the existence of these harmful earth lines that the would-be detractors turned into the most ardent defenders.

It should be emphasized that these people were not marginal healers, but scientists and professors of medicine, who were risking their reputation and career. Their confronting and almost unanimous conclusion was: It is very unlikely for a cancer to occur unless you have been regularly sleeping or staying on a noxious line. Those harmful earth lines were found in the houses of nearly 99% of the cancer patients.

In February 1987, it reached the stage where the West German Government itself started to invest millions of Deutschmarks in a research program to investigate the effects of earth lines on living organisms.

One should certainly not disregard the importance of other factors in the genesis of cancer, such as poor diet, emotional stress, pollutants, etc. A disease, especially such a serious disease as cancer, is always the result of a combination causes. Yet the statistics of the German scientists are such that whenever we hear 'cancer', our first reflex should be: Dowse for the lines!

And then move the bed or even the house depending on what is found! Removing the patient from the noxious line is not enough to cure the disorder, yet it seems to be an important factor in improving the patient's chances of healing.

Harmful earth lines have also been incriminated in other pathological processes such as cot-death (crib-death), joint problems, migraine headaches, heart conditions, varicose veins, bedwetting, and several others.

A common reaction, when sleeping on a toxic line, is to have bad dreams, insomnia, or difficult nights resulting in fatigue. The feeling of being more tired in the morning than before going to bed is often described by patients. Very typical, for instance, is the case of a child who is found every morning upside down in bed, unconsciously trying to escape from the line.

What is the source of ley lines and how do I avoid them?

earth grid map
The Planetary Earth Grid System: Hexakis Icosahedron grid, coordinate calculations, and point classification system are the original research of Bethe Hagens and William S. Becker.

The lines make a grid all over the surface of the earth. In this grid (at a higher resolution than the above world map), the lines are about two and a half metres apart, though this varies slightly from one place to another. Since ley lines are sub-harmonics of the major grid lines they will vary according to the harmonics in that region.

a human earth oroboros line: the spleen meridian

Among other well defined correlations in ancient medicine, the energy meridians and vessels of traditional Chinese Medicine are related to the earth grid, albeit, indirectly: "..the acupunturists had charted the 12 primary energy meridians in the human body assigning to each a yin/yang polarity (e.g. absolute yin, lesser yang), an organ (e.g. spleen, heart, liver, etc), an element (e.g. heart/fire, liver/wood, kidneys/water), and a yearly-daily time of heightened activity propitious for treatment (e.g. heart/summer/noon - 2 p.m.). They tied the system conceptually together with a set of 4 Laws of Ch'i; these basically operated in alighment with Hermes' Principle of Rhythm including mother-son, husband-wife, noon-midnight, and the five elements. These govern and describe the oscillating energy movements in both the human and earth meridians..."2 See the Human Earth Oroboros Line diagrammed above or to the right.

Major intersection points between vessels and meridians comprise the most important points of stimulation or drainage on the body. In the same fold, major intersection points along the earth grid serve a similar purpose, but on a geophysical scale.

The lines are not confined to the surface of the earth. If a line is found on the ground floor of a house, the very same line will be found at the same place on each floor above it; basically, it's a wall of varying densities of geophysical energy.

13 Rules for Living Around Ley Lines

  1. The lines of the grid are sometimes heavily noxious, sometimes much lighter and not so toxic. Yet it is NEVER advisable to sleep or sit on a line.

  2. The crossings of lines are particularly noxious.

  3. In the vicinity of a geological fault, the (toxic) intensity of the lines is reinforced.

  4. An underground creek creates a particularly noxious extra line, in addition to the grid. It also makes all the other lines around it more toxic. The more intense the flow of water, the more noxious the line.

  5. Water pipes, in a house or below it, act like small underground creeks.

  6. Electric cables create additional lines.

  7. When a house is built like a Faraday cage, with metal and electric wires everywhere, the lines are reinforced and extra lines are added. This makes skyscrapers an ecological disaster.

  8. The strength and width of the lines are:

    1. -reinforced during storms and stormy weather
    2. -multiplied by two between 1am and 2am
    3. -multiplied by three on the full moon
  9. Most living organisms get sick when located on the lines: Plants die; trees get cancerous growths; all rotting processes are favoured. The crossings of lines are, therefore, very good places to put your compost - not your bed.

  10. On the other hand, certain plants and animals seem to thrive on the lines. This happens more than any other with the Oak, the sacred tree of the Druids. Most huge old Oak trees are found on strong lines. Other 'line seekers', among the trees, are willows, ashes, firs, etc. Among other plants: mistletoe, mushrooms, asparagus, etc.

  11. Ants love the lines, which fits well with their function as cleaners of all that is rotting in nature. Ant heaps are usually found on a heavy line. This should make you cautious whenever there is an ant heap close to your home.

  12. Unlike dogs, cats are said to seek the lines. Traditionally, the place favoured by your cat is not a good place for you. Yet, from my experience, today's cats are more after cushions than earth lines, so if your cat goes straight onto your pillow each time you find a new place for your bed, don't panic!

  13. Beetles and termites are also attracted to the lines-so are parasites and microbes (hence the rotting process).

Earth Grid Research Studies collected by Dee Finney

Planetary Grid System
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    and Studies on Ley Lines and the Grid Shift

    by Dee Finney

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    Gridpoint is the exciting new software developed by Captain Bruce Cathie and Rod Maupin. - Gridpoint allows a person to plot the world energy grid over a map of any area in the world. In addition to the software, the package includes a five CD-ROM map database that has worldwide coverage. For over 40 years, Captain Cathie has been doing research into the Earth's World Grid harmonics and the UFO enigma, and is the author of several books on the subject. The software makes use of this research and allows a person to plot the World Grid onto a map of any area of the world. The software includes a five CD-ROM map database that has worldwide coverage. While this is not a street-level map database, it is sufficient enough to allow you to plot maps of your area, overlay the grid upon them, and print them out. You can then use the map, along with a GPS device, to locate grid points in your area.

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    Schauberger prophesied the environmental crises we are seeing today, predicting that unless we start to cherish rather than exploit our world, we would surely destroy ourselves. He demonstrated how deforestation would deplete the world of water, causing deserts and climatic chaos. Asked about our technology, "How else should it be done?" His answer was "exactly in the opposite way that it is done today!" His maxim: "Comprehend and Copy Nature!"

Research on Geophysical and Electromagnetic Vortices

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    Copenhagen interpretation, book and CD-ROM. Understanding Einstein, physics without sophisticated mathematics, Doppler effect, Hubble's constant, expanding universe, Big-Bang, Aether rotation, & Aether vortex's

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    Source: CSA's SearchAbstracts, the World's Most Powerful Research Tool ! CSA's database contains abstracts from more than 10,000 research publications in a wide variety of areas. Subjects include: engineering, the life sciences, materials science, high technology, sociology, and political science, Our database of citations and detailed abstracts grows by more than 700,000 indexed records per year. Abstract: Linear defects are generic in continuous media. In quantum systems they appear as topological line defects which are associated with a circulating persistent current. In relativistic quantum field theories they are known as cosmic strings, in superconductors... Descriptors: Superfluidity; Helium Isotopes; Quantum Mechanics; Vortices; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Absorption Spectroscopy; Spectral Signatures.

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    This book presents foundations of the vortex theory of matter, and demonstrates that the basic properties of photons and particles can be described in a philosophical framework of classical physics with certain suppositions about the nature of physical space which is traditionaly called aether (ether). The author regards this theory as a synthesis of ideas used by Faraday, Maxwell, W. Thomson, and J. J. Thomson with the knowledge of experimental results of the twentieth century. In the past, the hypothesis of aether as fluid was instrumental in creating the theory of the electromagnetic field. The vortex rings were used to construct model of atom at a time when the existence of elementary particles wasn't known.

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    Their Construction and Use Lars Ulv, Master of Electromagnetic Theory at Convivo Holmiensis. Magnetic monopoles, objects bearing a magnetic charge without an corresponding opposite charge, has been postulated by established science, but so far never observed. In this short paper I will demonstrate how to build macroscopic monopoles, and how they can be employed for various purposes. Some applications to ether storage and repulsion are also shown.

  • Magnetic Vortex Theory
    By: Christopher J. Arnold

    Today is 12/31/00 and tomorrow will be exacty one year to the day that the Keys to the Magnetic Vortex theory were revealed to me. Today I post the document in its entirety, including all drawings or figures. There are mutiple page links for this document. Directions starting with are not in the original document and references will be added at a later date to the end of this document.

  • Mystery Vortex


  • PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Spring 1998

    noted that scientists are "searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that... ...external sources--such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic energy waves...

  • The Alahoy Vortexes

    A vortex is the result of a tremendous circulatory energy phaseout, as if you didn't know. And this site lists dozens of them all over the U.S. and Canada.

  • The Integratron, An Artificial Vortex Generator & More!

    The Integratron is a 38-foot high, 50-foot diameter, non-metallic structure designed by the engineer George Van Tassel as a rejuvenation and time machine. Van Tassel was a legendary figure, a former test pilot for Howard Hughes and Douglas Aircraft, who lived at Giant Rock, and operated Giant Rock airport. His annual Spacecraft Conventions were attended by thousands across two decades, featuring high profile UFO contactees and pioneers in the fields of antigravity, primary energy research and electromagnetics. Van Tassel led weekly meditations in a cave under the rock from the 1950's to the 1970's, which he claimed led to UFO contacts. He said UFO channelings and ideas from scientists such as Nikola Tesla led to the unique architecture of the Integratron. He spent 18 years constructing the building.

  • Theories On Vortexes & Ectoplasm

    Theories On Vortexes & Ectoplasm Another common ghostly phenomenon is vortexes and ectoplasm. These are just as common as orbs. As in orbs there are also theories on this phenomenon.

  • Vortex Energy & entering other dimensions

    In the early 1930's in Austria, Victor Schauberger, e.g. fabricated conical pipes of special materials, which contained a corkscrew turbine. Operated by an electric motor, the spiral turbines screwed water into a vortex flow and directed the water onto a conventional water turbine coupled to a generator. Schauberger claimed that as the water was screwed faster and faster, it suddenly began to produce enormous amounts of energy. Coupled to a dynamo, the turbine began to produce more electricity than the input motor was consuming. The system quickly went out of control as the apparatus tore itself away from its mountings and smashed itself against the ceiling!

  • Whirlwind (or Plasma Vortex) Theory

    The first theory proposed by Dr. Terrence Meaden in the 1980's attempted to explain all spirally generated circle patterns as a product of entirely natural atmospheric phenomena. Meaden likened the vortex to dustdevils, tornados, etc., but also including friction-generated plasma which could account for the anomalous light phenomena which many eyewitnesses had seen.

Related Vulcanology Phenomena


  1. Ley Lines, Earth Lines and Energy Wells, ch. 12, pp. 162-4; Awakening the Third Eye; Third Edition; Samuel Sagan, M.D.; Clairvision School Ltd.; 2007

  2. The Oroboric 15 Line Grid, p.156; Ley Lines and the Meaning of Adam by Richard Leviton; Anti-Gravity & the World Grid; edited by David Hatcher Childress; Adventures Unlimited Press; 1992.

Anatomy, Embryology, Phylogeny of the Acupuncture Meridians

20 years ago, I studied with Charles T. McGee, M.D. who was one of the pioneers of orthomolecular medicine. He was an associate of Linus Pauling, Voll, Nogier and others. Dr. Paul Nogier of Lyon France was the father of auricular therapy - a form of ear acupuncture medicine, but he also found that each tissue type in the body had its own resonant frequency based on it's embryological origin. Around the 100 cell stage, the cells start to differentiate into different tissue types - ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm.

We know the resonant frequencies of those tissues, which happened to be harmonics of the D musical note on a particular scale. There was never a satisfactory answer as to why each tissue type had its own resonant frequency and why it developed this way based on how the embryo develops.

When I was approached by Charles Bagley, M.D.,, a board certified neurologist and acupuncturist, about presenting at the 2018 ESTC, it was exciting for me because he may have the first plausible reason as to how the meridian system developed from an embryological perspective. His presentation is toned down so that those who do not have a medical background in anatomy can understand it. It is a very technical and thorough presentation. The slides in the video are a bit small but a pdf is available for reference.

If you are a fan or student of energy medicine and healing, then this presentation is a must have!

Get your copy of Anatomy, Embryology, Phylogeny of the Acupuncture Meridians

This science fair report and more are available from A&P Emedia Publications and Presentations [May 2020 Shelter in Place Special - EXPIRES MAY 31st: Get 50% off all 2018-19 A&P Presentations, using coupon code, MAY50 (case sensitive), in the shopping cart for each purchase.]

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